Top 10 Best English Vocabulary Improving Apps

Many people in this world are skilled in Basic English writing and speaking. But it is not enough in this real modern world. You have to improve your vocabulary and having a large vocabulary is surely helpful. Suppose if you are a writer then knowing a large vocabulary can greatly help in your work. If you are a student, then surely it can help you in your essay part i examinations. Not only that these  apps will help you to avoid depressive failures while you are in writing or speaking. So, here we discuss about 10 best English improving vocabulary android apps.


1. Bussu

Bussu is the easiest way to learn English but it have something particular feature that is we are not learning the English alone but also with extensive community of English learners and speakers. In this app there is both visual and audio material so you can practice and develop your vocabulary. There are native English speakers to hep you when you stuck on a word or a phrase. So  Bussu is the best application if you are searching an app to improve your vocabulary.

2. Words, Words, Words!

This app is the best app to build and test your vocabulary. You can learn more words by tapping Learn feature. So, you can see many word with its definition. If you don’t know the pronunciation of the number then tap the megaphone icon to hear the app pronounce it for you. Not only that there are quiz options, Word, Definition and Random quiz types. So this app is very easy to handle and useful to you.

3. Advanced English And Thesaurus

Using the advanced digital dictionary you can arrange the nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives promises that you have the easiest time to learn English. May be you have knowledge with over 1.4 million words, but it is clear that you cannot improve your English. In this app you can scroll up with a single swipe, you can change the font size and there is a search function to help you find the word you are looking for. So this app can also help you up to an extend.

4. uVocab – Vocabulary Trainer

With this app you can learn new words and can test yourself. You can search the words alphabetically and if you want to know the meaning just tap the word it will simply show a brief description. You can test your vocabulary through this app until you get tired because they have unlimited number of questions.

5. Voxy

Voxy is a traditional English learning app and through this app you can improve it but the methods can be little boring. If you are looking to gain more knowledge about your lessons then try Voxy. Apart from improving your vocabulary you can improve your general spoken English and pronunciation.

6. Practice English Grammar

Without knowing grammar rules you cannot use English effectively. These rules governs the English language in writing and speaking. In this app there are various lessons on English topics. This can help you to construct sentences and can start  building your vocabulary.

7. Miss Spell’s Class

Choosing this app you can learn all the new vocabulary you want and can even understand the pronunciation and spelling. This app builds your spelling knowledge with a number of tests and quizzies. In quzzies there are 20 words which you will be told to show whether they are correct or not. If you make a mistake then the punishment is for 10 seconds so you will be more careful in tests.

8. Vocab Word Game

Using this app you can choose the correct meaning of the word. If you fail, no matter the app will show you the correct answer and new words are unlocked for you to learn. You can also play with others on internet to check your English progress.

9. Sat Vocabulary

Sat Vocabulary is not like other apps it doesn’t quiz whether you know the word or not. Instead, it shows you a word in white text against blackboard. If you know the meaning then tap on the next button. If you already know the word then you can tap it as Marked and can select Show Unmarked. The app is simple and clean.

10. Flashcards

This app is a great app to learn English through the use of flashcards so you do not forget the word or its meaning. If you once created an account and then you can select the card. After that you will be bought with several cards with different words. You can swipe to see the next card.

Surely the above apps can achieve your goal in an easy way.


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