Top 10 Best Ergonomic Keyboards

If you think that muscle-related issues and some other health problems in the body can only be caused by constant use of computer mouse, then think again. It is because constant typing with the use of computer keyboards can also be the reason. This is why ergonomic keyboards have been manufactured by a number of companies today. In this regard, here are the top 10 ergonomic keyboards that you should take into account:


  1. Adesso Tru-Form Pro 308 – Reducing the higher chances of musculoskeletal problems can be possible through this ergonomic keyboard. It is packed with several amazing features like its split-key contoured design. Through this design, natural position of your hands, wrists, and arms can be promoted, lessening the strain that may lead to injury.


  1. Beyondtek Z-767 – This is the perfect ergonomic keyboard for all those gaming buffs out there. The best thing about it is it comes with a mouse. Its design is stylish enough that gamers can certainly not resist it. It can also save much energy, and it does not cost much.


  1. Fellowes Microban Split Design – It’s known for its small footprint and useful features. It may not be a wireless one, but its functionality can be compared to those wireless keyboards. In order to avoid bacteria from developing, Microban will do the thing. There are 7 multimedia hot keys in this keyboard.


  1. Goldtouch V2 – This ergonomic keyboard is designed for all the different body kinds as well as the different typing postures. Its great adjustability feature can help it fit for your body type and typing posture. To have your wrists straightened, this keyboard can be adjusted horizontally (around 0-30 degrees).


  1. Kinesis Advantage USB – If you’re searching for a keyboard that has great functionality, then this one is the perfect choice. It has a small footprint that is packed with so much amazing features such as programmable options, key switches, integrated palm support, keyboard contours, and key replacement.


  1. Kinesis Freestyle2 – This ergonomic keyboard has a split design that will keep you away from repetitive-use injuries. You can have a natural position when typing with this keyboard. It does not even matter if you have narrow or broad shoulders.


  1. Logitech Wireless Wave Combo MK550 – This is actually just like a traditional keyboard in terms of design. However, its functionality helps a lot in making you more comfortable while typing. It is designed to be very energy-efficient. It also comes with a mouse.


  1. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop – This excellent ergonomic keyboard also comes with an ergonomic mouse as well as a separate number pad. When using it, you can place the number pad anywhere you want to as long as you feel comfortable. In terms of cost, there’s no need to worry since it will be affordable on your part.


  1. SafeType Ergonomic Keyboard – This is not like the traditional keyboards being sold out there. It has a very innovative and unique design. The split design of this ergonomic keyboard is based on the Biomechanical Principles. When typing with the use of this keyboard, muscles, bones, and joints can never be twisted, which is the main reason of strain.


  1. Truly Ergonomic 229 – This ergonomic keyboard and your natural typing position can surely work together. High-quality mechanical keyswitches are built in it, which are very helpful in activating it without any sweat. Its keys are arranged uniquely, making it to only consume lesser spaces.


These are the top 10 ergonomic keyboards that you should consider buying. If you don’t want to experience strains because of constant typing jobs in front of a computer, then these are the solutions you should go for.


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