Top 5 Best ES Explorer Alternative Applications

There has never been a shortage for file explorers on the Android.The last few years has seen many developers coming up with a wide range of exploration tools on the store and other means. But, the fact remains that few of these are based on an experimental basis and does not provide the full options on the explorer.Moreover there are continuous of data corruption and other issues that crop up with these maligned app installed on your Android.The reasons are obvious for the concern because more apps are shown up on the store promising ever more surprising and interesting features listed on the app. A recent search through the exploration apps revealed another story altogether. There are very few apps that really have it all that you needed. And fewer are those, which are completely reliable.

Some of the Explorers cited by the expert team are listed on the user reviews and the trust of the users on the app.

1. File Expert
A blend of conventional function and advanced features, File Expert is the most comprehensive app in the store for file exploration. It has the usual features such as Root Explorer, Recycle Bin, File compressions,plugin support and obviously the cloud sync. That is not all. The pack also has a Downloader, Safe box(feature for hiding and securing files),Printer support and Memory Manger. A clean app with all the updated features on file management.

2. File Commander
A rich and premium file exploration app with one of the gaudiest appeal in the store. It has integrated features such as cloud sync support, file compression tools, network file sharing and file categorizations. File Commander has an impressive tool kit to get along with the editing and other features in the app. A pretty useful alternative, if you prefer a generous mode of operation through the files.

3. Solid Explorer
A popular ES File explorer for Android, Solid Explores is a distinct class of quality. The highlight is the lucrative user interface designs and important features such as cloud support, network sharing, file compressing tools and many more. There is also a special feature for encryption to hide and securefiles. Certainly a better option if you are an avid user in file management and prefer an easy outlay to get through the files.

4. Cabinet Beta
A compact mode for exploring file. Cabinet beta is a minimalistic version as compared to the other kinds of file explorers available. The impressive features of Cabinet Beta includes customization options, third party plugins, root explorers etc. A pretty long range with compact design as compared to the other counterparts in the store.

5. FX File Explorer
An impressive alterative for file explorer on your android. The operations and functions are pretty much similar to the conventional controls and has a pretty comforting user reviews on the app.There are options to zoom in and out, which is absent in many of the other file explorers seen around. Also the file previews are zoomed in to have a better view through the FX File Explorer.


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