Top 5 Best Feedly Alternatives

Feedly is a very popular RSS feed aggregator that is widely used by a lot of people these days. It is very useful in keeping tabs updated, especially about your favorite blog sites, news portals and some other web pages. But if you want to make use of Feedly alternatives, consider yourself lucky since listed below are 5 best Feedly alternatives that you can use:


  1. NewsBlur – This is the powerhouse solution for your feed management requirements. You can make your own pre-curated feed through it, which is under various topics like geography and travel. It is also possible to add your own web page here. You can decide on how you can be able to view the feed stories through its different reading modes feature. If you want to share some stories on your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, you can also do so with NewsBlur. You can even read the stories later on. You just need to save them. In navigating your feed, you can take advantage of the handy keyboard shortcuts for convenient navigation. It is even possible to customize the feed layout if you want to.


  1. Inoreader – If you want to go for Feedly alternative that is packed with so much amazing features, then Inoreader is the one. But before you can take advantage of Inoreader, you still need to create your own account. Through this, you can manage and add those favorite web sources of yours with the Subscriptions menu, which is located on the left side-bar. You can also get an automatically curated feed through this alternative. You just have to select your preferred topics like technology and sports. There is no need for you to worry when organizing your feeds since this can be done easily. It is all thanks to the fact that Inoreader supports folders and tags.


  1. Digg Reader – You may find this Feedly alternative as less-packed with amazing features, but there is no denying that Digg Reader is quite useful as well. Its dual column UI is simple enough to navigate. Adding custom feed sources is made possible through Digg Reader. Its sub-sections will also be extremely useful for you. Two of its very helpful sub-sections are Saved articles and Popular stories. These can be found on the left column. On Digg Reader’s right column, you can read the feed stories as well as manage them. This alternative only has 2 reading modes namely the detail and the list. Digg Deeper is one very unique and excellent feature of Digg Reader. Through this feature, it will be possible for you to display a popular Twitter story to your Digg feed.


  1. AOL Reader – Easy to navigate Feedly alternatives are sure to be in-demand nowadays. In this case, AOL Reader might be the one you need. It has its own shares of customization and general options. It has uncluttered UI, making it very easy to navigate. Making your own feed with this Feedly alternative will even just take seconds. On its left side bar, you can take advantage of the Discover option that is helpful enough in searching for recommended reading sources for various topics, such as finance and movies.


  1. G2Reader – This Feedly alternative has dual column UI that has a number of regular sub-sections like Unread and Starred Items. These sub-sections can be found on the left side of G2Reader. On its right side, the feed stories can be browsed and read. The latest feeds will be displayed through boxes. Each of these boxes is associated with quick sharing button, allowing you to instantly share stories on several social media sites like Pocket, Buffer, Google Plus, and Twitter.

These are the 5 best Feedly alternatives available today. Without a doubt, these can be extremely useful for you.


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