Best Free Email Providers Online

As there are plenty of options to purchase a free email provider, anyone can be a lot picky when they look for one to sign up for. These free email service providers offer almost unlimited storage space and a comprehensive security filter. All incoming and outgoing emails are scanned for potential threats, hence the highest level of security is ensured even on these free service providers. There are plenty, we have reviewed a few.

  1. Gmail

The email service from Google hasn’t even passed two decades yet, but they are immensely popular. Google’s approach to emailing and chatting within the same window is appreciated by all, and the incorporation with Google Plus in few places truly deserves applause. The inbox user interface is very simple and neat, a user would be able to find all the necessary options and features very easily. The inbox could be accessed via both POP3 and IMAP protocols, using required platforms.


  1. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail isn’t much heard of, but their service is truly promising. They provide greater storage options for their mail boxes, there shouldn’t be any worries on that end. Zoho mail has an instant messaging service as well, and other IM services could be integrated with Zoho Mail as well. For more productivity, Zoho Mail provides integration with free online office suites as well. The overall package is targeted towards the professional user base.


  1. Yandex Mail

Not just a feature rich email provider but Yandex also provides a very powerful web access and mobile apps support. POP and IMAP protocol access are supported on Yandex mail. The inbox shortcuts make navigating through the inbox like a breeze, there are lots of email templates to help you gather ideas for a professional or personal email. Yandex mail has apps for smartphones; could be used for easier access to the inbox.


  1. com

Microsoft’s email client has been providing a great email service for a long time already. All other Microsoft based email accounts like the Hotmail or MSN accounts have now been converted into Outlook accounts; with all services incorporated into one place. The old accounts still bear the old domain though, but the login have to done through the Outlook website. Windows user interface design is very prominent on the mailboxes; and could be accessed through IMAP and POP protocols. There are desktop and mobile apps for easier access.



  1. Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail is one of the oldest email clients. They have always been very popular with the service, back when they had begun and till the time now. A Yahoo! ID could be used for Flickr, calendar, weather and the Mail itself; and few more services as well. The Yahoo! Mail inbox background could be changed into different themes for a soothing outlook, and there are folders where emails could be kept in a better organized way. Smartphone apps on all platforms are available.



There are plenty more free email providers for reliable emailing service at no cost. However, these five are many people’s favorites across the world.


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