10 Best Free Live Wallpaper Apps for Android

One quite prominent advantage Android users get over iOS – the ability to customize a smartphone to any extent that suites the user’s mood and preference. Live wallpapers are one smart way to bring visual changes to how a smartphone looks, and there are specific apps in the Google Play Store for that. Even though these wallpapers require quite a lot of processing power and takes a toll on the batter, yet people seem to love these. Here’s a review on 10 very popular live wallpaper apps for Android.


  1. Lantern Festival 3D

If you happen to love lanterns and the festivals that require different type and shapes of lantern, then the Lantern Festival 3D live wallpaper app would seem quite an interesting app to you. This app provides a VR-like effect through 3D effects and swipe gestures; user gets to modify what appears on the screen like boats and lanterns etc. Price – $0.99 in Google Play Store.


  1. 3D Parallax Background

Parallax effect on the display might be an iOS thingy, but that doesn’t mean Android users can’t get a similar effect on their smartphone display. The foreground and background of an image would shift as the user moves the phone in different orientations. Even though there aren’t many options for customizing the wallpapers in 3D Parallax Background, but still it is worth because of the lower battery consumption. Price – $0.99.


  1. Device Info Live Wallpaper

For techie people, the Device Info Live Wallpaper would come handful of features. This live wallpaper app populates the device’s information like how much resource is being used, battery and sensor status etc. on the display while not consuming much battery power. Price – $0.99.


  1. Muzei Live Wallpaper

Roman Nurik has developed Muzei Live Wallpaper for free distribution and it’s available on Google Play Store. The live wallpapers provided by this app are very popular; bears artistic value as well. Icons sit in the foreground with clear appearance while the background blurs out like a bokeh effect.


  1. Minima Live Wallpaper

The app is very simple all through, but the live wallpapers in Minima Live Wallpaper app collection are pretty eye-catching. The designs are mostly done to match the Android Material Design scheme as the number of devices running Android Lollipop and higher are increasing every day. Price – $0.99.


  1. Raindrops Live Wallpaper HD

There wouldn’t be anyone who doesn’t love raindrops on a window pane; what if the same visual could be achieved on a smartphone display? For the Android users, Andu Dun offers the functionality through the app Raindrops Live Wallpaper HD. There are few customization features, and the photos are mostly raindrops. It’s free!


  1. Space Colony

To gather some futuristic graphical element and cityscape from distant future into your smartphone display, Space Colony might be the live wallpaper app you would be looking for. User could easily customize elements like lighting, buildings, camera angle and stuff. It’s free!


  1. Sun Rise Live Wallpaper

The images provided through the Sun Rise Live Wallpaper gallery are basically silhouettes that shows the sun in the background as the main object, and some other stuff like tree or human in the foreground. The app has been downloaded and installed 10 million times! Price – $0.99.


  1. Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper

Cloudy day, lightning storm and raindrops – that’s what Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper provides on an Android device display. The app offers full flexibility in customizing the wallpaper elements. Price – $0.99.


  1. Ocean Live Wallpaper

Byte Mobile has developed Ocean Live Wallpaper which is very simple yet provides an exquisite view into the oceans through an Android device screen. This app comes for free, yet provides the utmost level of realism.



These 10 live wallpaper apps are very popular among the Android users, as per their number of downloads and user rating.


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