Best Free Matrimonial Websites In India

It is popularly said that marriages are made in heaven. But in reality lots of efforts are put to get married. There are many things that come to consideration while finding out the perfect match for each other. The best part of the marriage is that with the advancement of technology it has now come in the finger tips. There was a time when people used to search for matches in the community through one another but now you can search with huge databases that the matrimonial sites have. The matrimonial sites have been revolution for finding out the perfect matches and thus it has become very easy to find a boy or a girl for marriage. It is true that every matrimonial site has its own benefits and disadvantages but first let us have a look at the best matrimonial sites available for the match fixing.



Well, there is hardly any doubt about the top position for the matrimonial site. It is the virtual name of the matrimonial sites. It started operation in 1996 and is still leading with impeccable features and wide popularity. You can register and explore for options with a huge database. There are many filters that can be set to minimize the search criteria and also profile screening systems. You can also upgrade your profile for premium packages. There are security measures and privacy control measures applied in the site.


This is one of the free matrimonial sites available for the matchmaking. It has a huge contact list for the match fixing and it is taking the marriage fixing in another dimension. The site also provides paid memberships, verified contact numbers and you can also enjoy privacy measures. It has almost 8.5 Lacs registered members and thus offers a wide range of possibilities. It started operation since 2006.

This is again another matrimonial site that has huge popularity and a wide range of choices. The most important part of the website is that it has very easy UI and is very easy to use. There are huge numbers of registered members and it is a very popular matrimonial website. You can also enjoy a premium package of the same apart from the free service along with high security and privacy plans.

This is again built on similar platform for the marriage match fixing. The simple design, high security and improved privacy plans are the best part of this website. There are multiple filters as well to minimize your effort for the marriage. You can get wide number of contacts and possibilities with the matrimonial website.

The popularity of the matrimonial websites are getting increased with each passing day. People are now not happy with the different filters and dedicated matrimonial websites can be seen in the market. Hindumatrimony.Com,,,,, are few common examples of dedicated matrimony services that are getting popular in the market. So, if you are looking for a quality matrimonial website then these are the best possible options you have.


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