5 Best Free Uninstaller Software for Windows

Uninstallation of a software is not like pressing and holding down Shift and Delete buttons together, it’s a lot more than that. Usually, when an uninstallation process goes on the computer gets rid of the program files, registry files and any other type of supporting files that were required to run the program. While Windows Uninstaller is still pretty decent at doing this job, yet it could often feel insufficient. For any such scenario, a user can use a third party uninstaller and we have reviewed the top 5 in use.


  1. IOBit Uninstaller 3

There are plenty of uninstaller programs for Microsoft Windows platform, but IOBit Uninstaller 3 would certainly outrun all of them in various competitions – user interface, performance output etc. Many users have vouched for IOBit Uninstaller 3, so do us. There are few technical glitches in the system though; but that’s not much to be worried about. The basic remover is capable of removing a software, its registry files and supporting files, modifying browser toolbars and removing plug-ins etc. There is 64-bit support for IOBit Uninstaller 3. It’s a free software.


  1. Ashampoo Uninstaller 5

Ashampoo Uninstaller 5 is a paid product, so if you have a mindset for spending a good amount of money for uninstalling programs off your computer then this could be a great option. It’s not only an uninstaller program, but a tune-up utility with decent amount of power. A user can monitor the installation and uninstallation of a program in real time, thus the expert users can tell whether a scam or fraudulent program is being installed. It’s quite expensive, though. Price – $39.99.


  1. Revo Uninstaller Pro

Like the previous listing, Revo Uninstaller Pro is an expensive program. But in the positive side, Revo Uninstaller Pro offers better functionality than the regular Windows uninstaller provides. Typically a program might leave lots of residues in the hard drive even after the program is uninstalled, and it could leave the registry all clogged up as well. Revo Uninstaller Pro takes such cases into matter and clean up the files using the built-in file shredder and system cleaning tools. Price – $39.25.


  1. Comodo Programs Manager

Comodo Programs Manager centralizes the processes little bit and offers convenience in uninstallation of programs. Not just regular third party software but also the drivers could be uninstalled from a system without leaving any residue. Not just removing, Comodo Programs Manager could do some system tasks like updating drivers, or savior operations like backup and restoration of files. It’s a free program.



  1. Uninstall Tool

Uninstall Tool is a dedicated software removal tool. It’s a third party utility, but the generic naming might confuse many newbie computer users. There are plenty of features that can shred junk files of a system, uninstall software by cleaning off all files from the hard drive etc. However, the software would have been perfect if it had a backup feature built in. Price – $24.95.



Program removal software are necessities in cases where the built in Windows Uninstaller won’t work, but they are also good-to-have software for a well-tuned computer setup. Even the free tools would do, in case you don’t want to spend money on an uninstaller program.


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