Best Gaming Mouse in The Market

Gaming is fun and matter of passion. People throng in all of their energy to win a game. It does not really matter that it is a desktop game or LAN game or an online game, a true gamer wants to win all of them. But same like war, a gamer needs the perfect logistics to win the challenge. The Gaming Mouse is perhaps the most important logistic in the list to win a game. You cannot perform well with a normal gaming mouse; instead you need a dedicated and well engineered gaming mouse to handle each and every battle strategy. Whether it is button assigned or Dots per inch, the gaming mouse needs to satisfy all the needs. There are many such mouses available in the market but only very few of them are best. SO, here are the best gaming mouse for you in the market.


Logitech G520 Proteus Core

This is the best gaming mouse available in the market. It has a comfortable shape with textured grip. Overall the mouse has 11 programmable buttons for gaming. You can even control the scrolling of the mouse from resistant to frictionless. You can even scan the game from your mouse and create profile. The price of the mouse is around $60. The DPI for the mouse is 200-12000.


Razer Naga Epic Chroma

This is one of the better gaming mouse available in the market. It has 12 programmable buttons on the side and you can handle them with your thumb. The biggest advantage of this texture is that it leaves your hand free and you can use it to play the game. The DPI of the mouse is 200-8200 and it is priced around $110. The mouse is available for both wired and wireless mode.


Corsair Vengeance M65

If you are a FPS fan then you do not need huge number of buttons. Instead you need a gaming mouse that gives you comfort and exact precision. There are only 8 programmable buttons in the mouse but all of them are important. One of the button is Sniper Mode and that gives you great accuracy while aiming. You can customize your profile with the mouse as well. The DPI of the mouse is 50-8200 and it is available for the price of around $55.


Turtle Beach Grip 300

If you are a everyday gamer and play for the low DPI driven games then you might have many options. However, if you are in tight budget then you might get into trouble unless you know about Turtle Beach Grip 300. The gaming mouse is available for $40 and offers you world of comfort and two big thumb buttons. The mouse is simple but enough to enhance your gaming experience in every genre. The DPI of the gaming mouse is 240-4000 but it is an excellent choice for low budget.


The world of gaming is interesting and equally amazing. The gaming mouse can lift your experience by considerable amount with comfortable design, DPI and functionalities.


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