15 Best Useful Gnome Shell Extensions

Gnome Shell is one of the most popular desktop environments in the Linux. However, there is a secret of the popularity of the Gnome Shell. Practically, the satisfaction level of Gnome Shell is very less among users with the Gnome Shell 3.18 versions. There are many shortcomings that keep on hurting the need of the users. However, the use of extensions can make the experience on top. There are wide ranges of experience available with Gnome Shell and these can make your life interesting and enthralling. There are many extensions available and these are the top 15 Gnome Shell extensions.

  1. Dash to Dock

This is one of the best Gnome Shell extensions that can make your desktop look really interesting. The overview dash gets replaced to a managed and synchronized Dock with the extension. You can launch any application and switch among the application faster than anything else.

  1. Pomodoro Timer

If you are fond of Pomodoro Technique then you are going to love this timer. This is a great managing tool that can make your life quite interesting. It helps to break the time in blocks for you so that you can manage each and everything pretty easily. You even get alarms like time for short breaks and similar with the extensions.

  1. Clipboard Indicator

We use many clipboards at every point of time but it is not possible to track the record of it. However, if you want to use some common set of clipboard then it is even harder to use the same every time. However, the Clipboard Indicator is an integrator that helps you select up to 50 clipboards and paste them.

  1. Refresh Wi-Fi Connections

It is true that connecting to a new Wi-Fi connection is not possible in normal condition with Gnome Shell. However, it is feasible if you have the extension. So, if you are using Gnome Shell, then this is one of the must gave extensions for you. This refreshes the Wi-Fi connections and connects to a new network if required.

  1. Drop Down Terminal

If you are using the Terminal then this one would make your life easier. This simply toggles the drop down terminal with a keyboard shortcut. It does not only saves your time but also makes the process faster overall.

  1. Open Weather

Everyone wants to remain updated about the weather and the extension helps you to remain updated about the same. It gets the information from the Openweathermap.org or forecast.io to provide you the highly accurate information. However, you can change the settings and customize the appearance and options of the Open Weather as per your choice.

  1. Cover Flow Alt Tab

This is more of a aesthetic extension that makes the process smoother and better. The Alt Tab functionality gets the cover flow managing system. However, it does not make any impact to the system.

  1. Net Speed

It may not have much importance towards the system but the use of the extension gives you the clear idea about the network you are logged in. The Net Speed gives the correct network speed at every point of time with detailed information. You can choose the position it for better display.

  1. Skype Integration

Skype is one of the most used applications in the world and is heavily used. It is expected that the users of Shell Extensions would use the same. However, the integrating extension would bring Skype to your desktop and gives you all the information like new messages, new contacts and others from Skype. You can even control the online presence in Skype from desktop.

  1. Disable Workspace Switcher Pop Up

Many users get irritated with the fact that a pop up comes up every time they change the workspace. It is very common phenomena to change the workspace and pop up at every time may not sound good to many. This extension can simply disable the feature to make your life better and smoother.

  1. User Themes

Well, uses of new and cool themes are very popular. The case is not different with Gnome Shell as well. However, you can install themes in Gnome unless you have this extension. Once you grab it, you can get many themes to give your desktop new looks.

  1. Media Player Indicator

It is expected that Media Players will be running in your desktop. People love to listen to the music while working. However, controlling and managing the Media Players may not sound that easy. It becomes confusing especially when there are multiple media players available with you. However, this extension can help you to manage wide range of media players in your desktop.

  1. ToDo.txt

Well, as the name suggests, this extension will help you to create the ToDo list. You can create wide range of tasks and make the note of it. Once you create the same, you can delete these as well according to your requirements.

  1. Application Menu

This is a traditional category based menu that can be used in Gnome 3. This extension can give you better management options and easy to use features. However, you will be required the Gnome Tweak Tool to enable the same.

15. Activities Configurator

The activities button can be controlled and managed with this extension. This would give you the Button and Panel. You would get wide ranges of option with this extension. However, like Application Menu, you would require the Gnome Shell Tweak Tool to use and explore the available options.

These extensions are very helpful and useful for the people who use the Gnome Shell desktop environment. There are many other extensions available as well for Gnome. However, the use and choice of the Gnome Shell Extensions largely depends upon the requirement and choice of the users. But the top extensions are among the most used and most popular extensions as well.



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