10 Worth Buying Google Pixel C Accessories

Google Pixel C is an excellent product of Google. It’s an Android-powered tablet hybrid that has many uses. Moreover, this device is packed with many amazing features. To improve the functionality and aesthetics of the Google Pixel C, buying some beautiful and useful accessories is very important. In relation to this, here are 10 worth-buying Google Pixel C accessories that you can consider:


Pixel C Keyboard from Google – Who says Google Pixel C is just a simple tablet device? It’s not of course. With the use of the Pixel C Keyboard made by Google, you can already have an office-friendly laptop that you can use for important office works. This keyboard will allow you to twist the device into 100-135 degrees for better viewing angles.


WaterField Pixel C SleeveCase – For a sleek-looking and durable case for your Pixel C device, the WaterField Pixel C SleeveCase is a perfect buy. You can always maintain class while carrying your device through this accessory.


ProCase Google Pixel C Sleeve Case – For great looks and comfortable handling, this accessory will never bring you down. In terms of colors, you can always go for black, red, or brown since these colors always exude great classiness.


Skinomi TechSkin Pixel C Screen Protector and Full Body Skin – In order to protect the screen of your Google Pixel C device, putting a screen protector is a good choice. One worth-buying screen protector is the one that is made by Skinomi TechSkin.


Inateck Type C to Type A Female Adaptor Data Cable – Of course, there are times that you need the assistance of USB-powered devices. In this case, your Google Pixel C should have this very useful accessory. 5Gbps is the data transfer speed this accessory can offer to its users.


USB Type C to USB Standard A Plug Cable – The design of this accessory is compact, and this is intentionally made this way by its manufacturer – Google. The best thing about this accessory is that you can use it for charging and connectivity purposes. It measures 1 meter in length, very advantageous for charging uses.


Navitech Black Fine Point Digital Active Stylus Pen – Google Pixel C has a touch screen of course. Because of this, this kind of stylus pen is very useful. It can be used in a number of things just like when you are doodling and writing on your device.


ProCase Google Pixel C Leather Folio Case – This is actually not just an ordinary protective case for your Google Pixel C device since it’s still have some more uses apart from great protection. When you’re not using it, you can simply close it since it is in a folio form case.


OMOTION Google Pixel C Tempered Glass Screen Protector – This is the best screen protector that you can ever have for your Google Pixel C. It’s like you are putting another glass screen on your device.


Cambond USB Type C Reversible Cable – This is the best option that those people who are in a tight budget can choose. This can be used in many things like charging and transferring files to other devices.


These are the 10 worth-buying Google Pixel C accessories that you should consider. With these accessories, you can definitely intensify the usage of your Google Pixel C device.





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