Top 10 Best Google Pixel C Cases and Covers

Pixel C is a hybrid tablet-laptop that is proudly presented by Google in the world market. It promotes great comfort and portability when used. Because of this, there’s no way you cannot make an excellent output for professional or semi-professional purposes. In terms of connectivity, Pixel C will never disappoint its users since Wi-Fi, USB Type C and some other connectivity-related stuff are equipped into it. Google Pixel C may be sensitive enough to handle your rough way of using it. Hence, in order to keep this device well-protected even from the other deteriorating factors like the environment, cases and covers are definitely needed. In relation to this, here are the top 10 excellent Google Pixel C cases and covers that must be taken into account:

Vostrostone KuGi Pixel C Case – Obviously, the very first thing that makes this case the best is the fact that it comes from a very reliable manufacturer, which is Vostrostone. Non-fitting or compatibility issues will never occur here since Vostrostone KuGi case is especially made for Google Pixel C. It has a durable finish, thanks to the microfiber and premium leather materials used in making this excellent Pixel C cover.


Pixel C Folio Keyboard from Google – Google is very proud to offer their own-made Pixel C case, which is the Pixel C Folio Keyboard case. It is purchasable in Google Store. Full-grain leather is the main material used in making this excellent cover, so you can be sure that it is durable enough for Pixel C protection usage.


OEAGO Pixel C Folio Case – Convenient handling and great protection can surely be promoted with OEAGO Pixel C Folio Case. You might just consider it as a typical leather case at first, but this is definitely not an ordinary one. Through its assistance, you can position your Google Pixel C device in a kickstand-like viewer. It is available in different colors, so you can surely choose the one you like.


MoKo Google Pixel C Case – It is a superb folding cover that you can ever attach to your Google Pixel C device. The truth is, it is especially made for Google Pixel C’s 10.2 version. With or without keyboard, your device can definitely be restored in this protective case. In some situations, its front flip-cover can be used as great measure for best angle typing and excellent viewing position.


IVSO Ultra-Slim Pixel C Case – There are color variants in this excellent Google Pixel C case namely black, red, blue, white, and green. High-quality leather material is used in making this excellent Google Pixel C cover. A lot of people simply love it because of its lightweight body. Because of this, there is no way you will have a hard time carrying your device.


Skinomi TechSkin Pixel C Full Body Skin – It’s a very unique protective case, and not just an ordinary one. There’s no way you will have issues in fitting this case on your Google Pixel C device since it’s specifically manufactured for it. Aside from the fact that it can serve well its protection purpose, it can also make your device extremely sleek in appearance.


Pixel C Keyboard from Google – It might be a keyboard but it is also a great protector for your Google Pixel C device especially when you are not using it. There can never be issues about its quality since it is a product of the world-renowned virtual company known as Google. Even so, this is not for all since it comes with a very high price. Thus, it is best to think about it first if you really need it before finally deciding to buy it.


WaterField Pixel C SleeveCase – If you’re tired of using a traditional protective case, then WaterField Pixel C SleeveCase will be the perfect option. The thing is, its price is no joke so this might not be for you especially if you are on a tight budget. However, its great functionality and features can always match its price. One best thing about it is that it is highly customizable. The main materials in making it are ballistic nylon and high-grade neoprene.


ProCase Google Pixel C Sleeve Case – This is another sleeve case type of a Google Pixel C cover, which is the perfect option for all those who are in a tight budget. You can easily put your device into it in just a matter of seconds for full protection. It comes with extra pockets, and you can use them in storing some other important stuff.


Amzer Universal Portfolio Case – This is not just designed for Google Pixel C because it is actually a universal portfolio case. However, inserting your Google Pixel C into it especially the 10.2 version is never an issue. You can enjoy great viewing angle when you use it. Some other amazing features it has are customization positions, reinforced grip corners, and holding stylus space.


These are the top 10 excellent Google Pixel C cases and covers you must consider. Without a doubt, these ones can serve their purpose well to your Google Pixel C device.




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