Best Google Play Store Alternatives

If you want to download some cool and amazing applications in your Android phones, then there is only one online destination you have to visit. This is the Google Play Store. It is extremely loaded with so many applications that you will absolutely love. Even so, there are times that Google Play Store cannot allow you to download the applications of your choice. This is actually because of several reasons.

One reason for that is maybe, the application is not accessible within your home address or place. Another thing is, your country does not meet all the requirements for the apps to be available. Lastly, the developer of the apps may have restricted your country in accessing them. But whatever the reason is, one thing is for sure and this is the fact that you don’t want to experience the problem of not getting the applications you want.

The good news is, there are now available alternatives for Google Play Store that you can take advantage of. Some of these finest alternatives are the following:

1. GetJar

Just in case you don’t know, this is the oldest Application Store ever existed. This apps store will not be new to you if you are using J2ME or those Symbian based devices. In using it, there is an official app of GetJar that you can access or simply makes use of it with the web interface it has. This is a very organized website. Even so, there is a big tendency that the apps here are not that up to date compared to others.


2. Amazon App Store 

This is the primary app store for people who are into Fire Phone and Kindles. In terms of popularity, Amazon App Store is next to Google Play. Web interface is not available for this alternative. Meaning to say, you have to download its official app before you can take advantage of it. For the purpose of enhancing discover-ability, the apps are arranged in different sections. The best thing about this alternative is it offers one-paid app every single day without even spending a single dime.


3. ApkMirror

This alternative is quite first in terms of availability of the latest versions of the apps you want the most. It is even first sometimes compared to the Google Play Store. But the thing is, there is no official app for this alternative. Meaning to say, you still need to visit its website so that you can download the apps it offers. Moreover, paid apps are not available in this Play Store.


4. AppBrain

This good Google Play Store alternative will allow you to download premium applications without spending a single dime. For a limited time, a lot of app developers are offering their apps here without asking you any amount. Yes, you read it right. The apps are for free, if you are lucky enough to visit the website when the app developers are offering their paid apps.

These are just few of the finest alternatives for Google Play Store that you can take advantage of nowadays. Use them on your advantage now.


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