Top 10 Best GoPro Action Cameras

What a Go Pro camera is?

GoPro has changed the sports and gave it a whole new peak. It has become a synonym for sports over the time. People that love extreme sports will always be seen with a GoPro camera, reason behind this is that the GoPro camera has built in such a way with high quality recording capability that it makes your sports experience unforgettable. But Go pro is basically a Brand that manufactures these cameras. When the Gopro camera was introduced for the first time it stole a million hearts with stunning videos with great stability.


But as the world knows that when a product goes hit and loved by the crowd, then its obvious that different manufacturers start developing the same product but in a different manner. The makers such as GoPro, Contour, Drift, iON , HTC and many others are already into the market with their variants of Go pro cam. These cameras fall under the category of POINT OF VIEW (POV) and offer a great way to capture the moments of adventure.



1. GoPro Hero4 Black

Off course this list will be guarded by the non-other than Go pro itself, this camera is completely water, dust and shock proof and has a micro SD card slot that can house a 64 gigs of memory cards. So just record nonstop with the ultra-advanced 12 megapixels camera; as the battery won’t die before you will get tired. The battery life varies according to your settings but on an average it provides around 3 hours of battery life.

Cost: $ 420


2. Garmin VIRB Elite

With the capability to record videos of up to 1080p it’s a cheaper option of Go pro with advanced GPS on board, which comes handy and useful for location stamping and a bunch of different smart-recording modes like it will start recording when you go downhill but automatically and stops when it detects that you are not doing anything interesting at all. You can manually over ride this setting to start and stop recording by your own. Its water proof and rugged and has a 16MP camera, and you can even connect it to your smartphone.

Cost: $ 198


3. SJCAM SJ4000

This is such a cool device that can be owned by almost any one, because it comes for just 38 USD and it is the cheapest alternative to an action camera. It is capable of recording FHD videos in 1080p resolution. It has a 12MP camera and carries a 170 degree wide angle lens for better video capturing. It has built in wifi and battery lasts for about 100 minutes. The best part about this this camera is that it has got removable battery that provides you an option to keep an extra battery with you.

Cost: $ 129


4. iON Air Pro 3

iON Air Pro 3 is a nice, simple, sleek and waterproof action camera that can record 1080p video at 60fps, and clicks 12MP photos. When you will start the recording by its slider button it will give you a vibrating feedback so that tio make you informed that recording has been started. It is water proof and has a water proof micro phone as well that can record under water too.

Cost: $ 270


5. Sony FDR-X1000V 4K Action Camera

It gives out a look and feel of handy cam with cool design with elegant structure. It records in 4K resolution which has proved to be three times better and promises to provide three times stable videos than other sports and action cameras. It is water proof and has got a micro Sd card slot.

Cost: $ 300 approx.


6. Mobius HD ActionCam

It’s a budget sports cam with FHD recording capability. Aside from its small price tag, the thing that sets the Mobius apart is that it’s just 2 inches long. Its ultra-small size makes it a truly versatile camera with awesome video quality and a low price. Its battery lasts for about 2 hrs.

Cost: $ 38


7. GoPro Hero4 Session

This is smallest and the lightest offering from Go pro. It makes a tiny cube which measures 1.5-inches each way. You can immerse it in water up to 10 meters and has a pretty simple one button system. The Hero 4 can capture video up to 1440p resolution and clicks 8MP photos.

Cost: $ 275


8. Replay XD Prime X

With a massive 1700 mAh battery it’s another great camera in the POV section that has the capability to record 1080p videos. Its water proof and shoots images of 16 MP, you can get this if you want a camera with simple interface.

Cost: $ 225


9. iVue Horizon

It is probably the smallest camera in this section. It removes the hassles of mounting the camera on to your body your cap or anywhere else. Because it is houses into sports glasses, simply put it on and play hard. It has 1.5 hours of battery life.

Cost: $ 120


10. HTC Re Camera

With its grip sensor, it senses up when pick up this camera and it starts recording by its own. It has a whole different design than other sports cameras. The camera is capable of clicking 16 MP photos.

Cost: $ 100



The cameras that we have mentioned above are the best action cameras that can be bought in order to capture the moments of extreme sports, adventures and hiking trips.


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