Top 10 Best Hatchbacks Cars In India

There is no denial of the importance of cars in the modern era. With the passage of time, the cars have become the hour of the need. As the bound of life is getting faster, the things have becoming smaller and smaller. So in the countries like India the concept of smaller things also applies.

As also the sizes of families are getting shrunk in India, the smaller cars in India are gaining more fame there. So there are more the productions of hatchbacks in India in the year of 2015.

We have compiled a list of top 10 latest hatchbacks in India that have becoming part of the Indian roads more frequently:

Hyundai Eon: available in diverse colors options, Hyundai Eon has become one of the famous and top hatchbacks in India for 2015. The reason of its popularity is its good cost and outstanding features that allows a common man to buy it. The car offers spacious interiors with the combination of stylish exteriors. The car is available in two engine options that give unique mileages respectively. This hatchback is available in India with the price starting from 3.1 Lacs to 4.3 Lacs.

Maruti Alto K10: next on the list is the hatchback from Maruti Automobiles, which is one of the most selling cars in India. It is also very affordable that is why it is gaining more and more popularity in India. The car offers beautiful and stylish exterior with the refined interiors. The best feature of this car is its stunning headlights that give the car its unique and stylish looks. Starting from the price of 3.4 Lacs to 4.2 Lacs it is available in India.

Hyundai Elite i20: another model from the renowned company in automobile market, Hyundai. This car is stylish yet affordable available with the price starting from 5.4 to 8.4 Lacs. The model is really an Elite model that offers the captivating exteriors with the trendy interior designs. Apart from designs, the technical aspects of the car are also very unique. That is why it holds the 8th position in the top hatchbacks in India.

Tata Nano: featuring next on the list is the model from the renowned automobile’s company called Tata. Tata Nano is the one of the best compact size car that suits your family needs. The car is available in funky colors with the unbeatable features like automated manual transmission, ATM gearbox and affordable price range of 2.2 to 3.0 Lacs in India. Tata Nano is the stylish yet affordable car that offers the unique mileage with the outstanding stereo options.

Volkswagen Polo: Volkswagen Polo is also one of the most famous and top selling hatchbacks not only in India but also around the globe as it is manufactured by the International automobile company, Volkswagen. The car is produced by keeping in mind both the luxury and necessity of the customer. The car offers the beautiful and sleek and stylish exteriors with the lush interiors which are fully thronged with luxury as well. The car also features the outstanding security options in the price of just RS. 4.99 to 7.37 Lacs in India.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio: another Maruti is on the list of the top hatchbacks in India for the year of 2015. The car offers the exceptional mileages within the great affordability. It is also available in the numerous color options with the lavish exteriors and spacious interiors. The car is also very fuel efficient and provides the affordable after service package. Starting from the price of 4.1 to 5.9 Lacs, it is available all across the India.

Tata Bolt: featuring next on the list of the hatchbacks that are famous all across India for the year of 2015 is the Tata Bolt that is manufactured from the reputable hatchback manufacturers. The exterior and interior of the car is well designed and it consists of all the features that a car should have. Its engine provides the high standard performance with the intelligence of fuel saving. It also offers the unique mileage of 17 to 19 Kmpl on the roads and on highways respectively.

Ford Figo: the third most popular hatchback for 2015, in India is the Ford Figo that is the choice of the millions of Indians despite of its low share in Indian market. Figo is available in the unique scheme of colors with outstanding features. It offers infotainment system with the lavish exterior and interior styling that is a plus point for the car. It is one of the top selling hatchbacks in India with the economic price of RS. 4.4 – 7.5 Lacs in India.

Honda Jazz Diesel: holding a position of 2nd on our list is the Honda Jazz Diesel that is a best option for those people who have to justify their amount spent on the car. The car offers the tempting appearance with the numerous comfort options and comes in the affordable price of only RS. 5.4 – 8.8 Lacs in India.

Maruti Suzuki Swift:

Maruti Swift is one of the most selling and famous hatchbacks in 2015 because of its luxurious and stylish features within the economic price range. This hatchback starts from 4.8 – 7.5 Lacs in India and promotes improved fuel efficiency, superb designing with the impressive engine performance.


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