10 Best Headphones with Great Audio Quality

None can really ignore the importance of headphones in their daily lives. No matter how hard life gets on one in any given day, headphones in and stress out is the formula to survive. Choosing a great pair of headphones is something one needs to do very precisely, because a bad pair can instantly kill the mood. Real enthusiasts choose their tools wisely, frequent investment on new pairs of headphones every month isn’t a feasible option. We have brought you 10 headphones that you could buy for the utmost pleasure.


  1. Phiaton PS 20 BT

Bluetooth headphones have an impression of not being really top notch – most of them within budget usually produce distorted sound, or misleading stereo sync and the overall experience isn’t as superior as a wired pair. But, Phiaton PS 20 BT intends to change this myth as this headphone provides crystal clear audio output even over a Bluetooth channel. The bass is at the necessary deep levels, and audio is not distorted at all. Price – $149.


  1. Altec Lansing A1

The Altec Lansing A1 is pretty much of a weird looking headphone; at first glance they might not even appear to be a pair of earphones to many people. However, these headphones have a custom molded medical grade silicon chassis which is absolutely healthy for the skin, and the audio output has very high frequency, deep bass and noise isolation. Price – $499.95.


  1. Logitech G930 Gaming Headset

Hardcore gamers require their audio output to be groundbreaking, but literally installing few super powerful speakers might turn out to be very impractical in some places like student dorms; Logitech G930 Gaming Headset surely does solve the problem. G930 is wireless and it has a flip-down mic as well. Price – $159.99.


  1. AKG K 490 NC

This particular pair of headphones offer active noise cancellation in a whole different level; and the power management is also unique. The battery charges via USB unlike many products out there which require separate battery packs for charging. Also, the AKG K 490 NC can run in passive mode without the noise cancellation mode activated. Price – $249.95.


  1. Sennheiser CX 680 Sports

Who doesn’t like their favorite soundtracks during sports time? To resolve this need, Sennheiser in association with Adidas has come up with the Sennheiser CX 680 Sports which is an in-canal pair of headphones. These are rugged, water resistant and secures into one’s ear buds firmly. Price – $119.95.



  1. AKG K 350

AKG K 350 headphones are very lightweight, almost feather light yet the audio output is very high quality – apparently, AKG hasn’t made any sacrifice in any end. Even the price is very reasonable, in case you had been looking for a more affordable pair of headphones. Price – $79.95.


  1. SOL Republic Tracks

The type of the build is super aura, hence the headphones won’t really seal the ear but fit over them pretty well. The cable on the SOL Republic Tracks are detachable, so a broken cable won’t really kill your investment. Price – $99.99.


  1. Westone 1 True-Fit Earphones

Westone is mostly known for making serious audio equipment like hearing ads, audio monitors etc. The Westone 1 True-Fit Earphones are one of the best in market; for a great price tag. Price – $199.


  1. Soul by Ludacris SL99

Higher frequency, deeper bass and design pretty much the same language like Beats by Dr. Dre. Also, this pair of headphones are endorsed by Ludacris; indeed is a great pair of headphones. Price – $99.95.


  1. Klipse Image ONE Headphones

With a pair of super-aural cups, the Klipse Image ONE Headphone direct the audio output into user’s ear canals with precision. The output is high frequency and with deeper bass; in the design end utmost comfort has been ensured using leather headband and extra padding. Price – $149.99.



A good amount should be put on headphone purchase, and they would never let you down. We hope you had been able to find one headphone among the 10 we wrote about.


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