10 Popular Image Hosting Sites Like Imgur

Imgur is a go-to website that is gaining more and more popularity every single day. This is a free-of-charge image hosting site, which gives opportunities for all the netizens in uploading, sharing, and embedding images even though they do not have their own Imgur account. The truth is, there are lots of great image hosting sites like Imgur in the online world. Here are 10 of them:


  1. ImageShack – This is a premium and famous image hosting site used by many people these days. It is packed with so much amazing features such as image discovery. This certain feature allows you to view a number of pictures in different categories. It also has basic editing, tags, albums, and privacy features.


  1. Postimage – Uploading pictures without waiting for longer moments is definitely possible with Postimage. Various sharing links will appear once you are done uploading the photos. Some of these are thumbnail sharing links, hotlinks, and direct links. Moreover, it has deletion link that will permit you to remove some pictures on its server.


  1. TinyPic – Another great image hosting site like Imgur is the TinyPic, which will allow you quick uploading of pictures. Not only that, it also has a feature that will permit you to resize the pictures you want. It will give an embed code, IMG code, and direct link where you can share the photos.


  1. Imgreview – Its amazing features are the reasons why it is included in the list of 10 great image hosting sites like Imgur, even though it is not that popular like others. Without the need to create your own account, you can upload pictures and share them with the aid of Imgreview. Extracting texts from the images is also possible with this.


  1. UltraIMG – Numerous solid features are being packed in this image hosting site. Just like the others, you don’t need to register before you can use UltraIMG. It is also capable in of accepting a number of image formats. But if you register, there are lots of cool features you can use like image views counter and Albums & Galleries.


  1. FunkyIMG – There’s actually no funky thing about this image hosting site. It is just a simple one that allows quick uploading of pictures. In doing the thing, you can simply browse and choose photos or you can just drop and drag a certain image. Various sharing links will then appear in your screen.


  1. Flickr – Professional photographers and photography buffs have been using this image hosting site owned by Yahoo. Unlimited photos can be displayed with Flickr, and it will offer you 1 TB storage of pictures without paying for any amount. The photo resolution is also unlimited. However, it will only allow 200 MB size of a picture.


  1. 500px – This photography platform has been called “premier photography community”. This is a great image hosting site that even up to now, a lot of people are using it. It can offer you a lot of amazing photos, and you can even rate these photos. Some of its amazing features are advanced editing tools and portfolio building.


  1. DeviantArt – This is the perfect image hosting site if you are into art galleries. Yes, artists are the common users of this website, but this doesn’t mean that photographers cannot use it. You can be able to socialize with the other people here, while viewing beautiful photos and masterpieces of arts.


  1. SmugMug – It doesn’t have community where you can interact with the others, but it has amazing tools perfect for all those professional photographers out there. You can make your photographs for sale in this image hosting site. You can even make custom galleries with it.


These are the 10 great image hosting sites like Imgur. Without a doubt, these sites will be very helpful for you.


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