Top 10 Best iPhone 6s Cases

iPhone surely make good and attractive phones but durability and reliability is not a good focus in iPhones. The advanced and latest iPhones are made from the sleek and stylish glasses that are very easy to break even i9n a single fall. So there is great need to protect them from the damages and to provide them with the most effective protection that can save your phone and indirectly can save your money.
To protect your iPhones, several companies have introduced protective cases that provide specific functions and accesses to its consumers so that their extremely expensive iPhones remain protective. Here is the list of top 10 durable iPhone 6s cases that allows the ultimate protection.

10. Griffin Survivor Summit Case:

this one is the good option if you are using your iPhone 6s in the rough and tough conditions. As they can withstand the rugged height of 10ft drop on concrete, it suits all your needs of protection. These cases are going to be with you in all the hard times with your home as the manufacturers give the life time warranty of their durability and can protect you from damages, smudges, scratches and dust. It is quite chunking and provides all the features in just the price of 50 dollars.
9. Toffee Sleeve Wallet:

next on the list is the Toffee Sleeve Wallet that is specifically made protect your phone from all the damage with the protection of money and other valuables. This is really a sophisticated package that is made up of genuine leather with the dedicated sleeve for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. So it is really a suitable match for protecting iPhone from the drops and to secure it in the pocket. You can order it online from any site in just the price of 100 dollars.
8. Speck CandyShell Clear Case:

another best option for your iPhone is the Speck CandyShell Clear Case that is designed for impact and provides 7 signs of protection without any compromise. It is a casing with the two layers of completely transparent material that allows the military grade protection with the responsive button protection. All these features come along the price tag of only 35$.
7. Zagg DropGuard Case:

another option that can save your iPhone from damage is the Zagg DropGuard Case that is specifically designed by keeping in mind the design of the iPhone. It is made from the reflexion technology that absorbs shocks and all the impacts of damage. It is available in the price of just 20 dollars.
6. Moshi iGlaze Luxe Case:

another best option that can create the suitable environment for your iPhone 6s. Moshi iGlaze Luxe Case is the metal bumper case that is designed to retain look of the naked iPhone while offering ultimate protection. It also provides the easy installation in seconds without the tools required. It comes in the wide variety of colors in the price of 50 dollars.
5. Trident Aegis Pro Case:

it is the rugged protection casing that protects your iPhone with the unbeatable technology. It is designed with the perfect blend of style and look. This case features the button covers that are raised to safeguard the screen. It is definitely a good option with the price of 35 dollars.
4. Encase Leather Wallet Case:

the genuine leather case that is made for your iPhone 6s is the lightweight cover that can open up with the magnetic closure. It is really a good product that is used to keep the phone safe from scratches with the strong and elegant look. You can order it online in the price of 32 dollars.
3. MagBak Case:

another attractive piece that is usually preferred by the iPhone users because of its awesome and unique look with the stylish scheme of colors. This case offers the magnetic touch with the adhesive backs that can stick on the tiles and cars. It protects the iPhone 6s from the scratches, smudges and all other damage elements with the access to all the functional ports. This case comes out with the attractive price tag of just 39 dollars.
2. Cover-Up Woodback Snap Case:

the real wood back iPhone 6s cover that comes with the additional combination of style and affordability. It comes with the wide variety of natural wood finishes that provides the utmost protection from the scratches, smudges, and high impact drops. It comes in the price of 26 dollars with the each one unique in look.
1. Nodus Shell Case:

you can go with the Nodus Shell Case which might probably the best option when it comes to the protection of your iPhone 6s. The Nodus Shell Case provides the new and the stylish look with the leather protection with the polycarbonate shell that provides easy access to the 3D touch of the iPhone 6s. It is available in the economic price of just 61 dollars.


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