Top 10 Best iPhone 6s Plus Cases

Protection of your iPhone is a must do thing as if you get your phone dropped from a height or get it damaged by other reasons, then there would be nothing that you can do with. The least thing you can do is to be prepared for the worst and protect your iPhone with the protective cases. There are many iPhone cases available in the market that can give your phone with the protection so that you can feel free while handling your phone. IPhone casing are available in the various colors, shapes and patterns that can give unique and stylish look with the protective functions.
Here is the list of top 10 iPhone 6s cases that can give your iPhone protection with style and flair.

10. Case-Mate Barely There Case:

the one of the best option to protect your phone with the transparent case is the Case Mate that offers the Barely there cases to have your phone protected. These iPhone cases offer the anti -scratch technology that protects your cell phone from the elements of damage through its tough shell that covers the back and the sides of the iPhone. These are available in the market starting from 25 dollars.
9. Griffin Survivor Core Case:

these covers are specifically designed to protect your iPhone 6s Plus from the damage with the life time protection warranty. It protects your cell phone from the drop of 2 meters height. The core covers are made from the clear polycarbonate plastic back panel that is surrounded by the frame in black, purple and white colors. These are perfect fit your phone with the maximum protection available in the price of 26.08 dollars.
8. Moshi iGlaze Napa Case:

these cases comes with the real leather look that gives your iPhone something unique look. These are exquisitely personalized for your iPhone with the shatter proof and shock absorbing inner- shell that guarantees the maximum protection to your cell phone without compromising in the quality. There are also metallic button covers that protect the buttons of your phone with the economic price of $50 only.
7. Speck MightyShell Case:

this case is one of the best protections to your iPhone providing the protection with the 3 layer protecting technology. It is also available in the awesome color range that gives your iPhone more attractive look with the covering. It is specifically designed that also keeps the screen protected from the damage impact while offering the sleek look with the portable design. It is available in the price of 55 dollars.
6. Otterbox Commuter Series Case:

if you want the protection with the sleek design, then Otterbox Commuter Series Case would be the best choice for your iPhone. It is the tested series case that gives the wide range of protection with the cute patterns and stylish designs. The case has the 2 layer case that offers the self- adhesive screen protection with the reliable protection and can mix and match to your iPhone 6s Plus protection with the price of 55 dollars all over the world.
5. Olixar Flexishield Gel Case:

if you don’t want to hide the grace of your brand new iPhone 6s Plus but want a protection, then Olixar Flexishield Gel Case could be a best option for you. These are the classic clean, 100 % transparent and plain gel case that covers your entire phone without interfering with the other accessible options like camera, buttons and speakers. It is available in the price of just 12.50 dollars.
4. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Bumper Case:

featuring next on the list is the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Bumper Case that is made from the combination of TPU and Polycarbonate to provide you with the maximum protection. It is the clear hard back panel with the flexible matte edge that ensures you the ultimate protection to your iPhone. It also features the Air Cushion Technology that offers the protection against the high impact drop. It is also very affordable and comes with the price of 20.50 dollars.
3. Pelican ProGear Protector Case:

another protective case that meets all the protection needs of your iPhone. It is tested to Military Specifications that survive multiple drops on the phones and protect them if your iPhone wears this. It is available in the price of 40 dollars provides all the basic needs of protection with the lifetime guarantee and the full color schemes.
2. Urban Armor Gear Case:

available in the price of 32 dollars, this case is the one of the best options that can provide you with the ultimate protection. This case resembles the Armor Gear that provides the maximum protection against the rugged and tough conditions. The openings of the case are accurate while making the full access to all the functions and buttons of your phone. It is available in various colors in the price of just 32 dollars.
1. Trident Krios Folio Case:

this case is the best option for your new iPhone 6s plus as it provides the most accurate protection with the attractive and sleek looks. They are the most light duty cases with the convenient folding stands making it easy to be ported. They are made from the Soft micro-fiber that protects your screen from various elements of damages. It is available in the market with the price of only 35 dollars.


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