10 Best iPhone 6s Screen Protectors

Letting your iPhone 6s go bare is such a task of risk. If your iPhone gets in trouble, this means you are getting in trouble too. Apple Inc. manufactures most delicate phones that are very easy to break if they get fallen from a height as they are completes made from the glass. Therefore, screen protector is the must buying accessory for the iPhone 6s owners so that they get their phones protected from the damage and falls.

So here are the top 10 screen protectors for iPhone 6s ( You can Buy them from Amazon & eBay ) that allows you to be fear free while handling your iPhone 6s:

  1. ENGIVE Tempered Glass Screen Protector: the ENGIVE Tempered Glass Screen Protector is made up of extremely hard glass that resists scratches, dirt and dust and protects your iPhone 6s from the breakage. The glass protector is 0.3 mm thin and is completely transparent that allows you seeing through the protector. It is easy to install and enables the perfect fit without any formation of bubbles. The protector is highly sensitive for your iPhone touch thus making it the perfect fit for you iPhone. It is available in just $7.99 in the market.
  2. Tech Armor Ballistic Glass iPhone 6s Screen Protector: Tech Armor Ballistic Glass iPhone protector may be one of the good choices for your iPhone 6s. The reason is that it is s touch sensitive protector that offers maximum protection from drops and scratches to your iPhone with touch screen accuracy to your iPhone. It offers the bubble free installation to your phone with HD display clarity. Despite all of these features, it is also very affordable and is available in the price of $8.95 only.
  3. Sparin Tempered Glass iPhone 6s Screen Protector: with only 0.18mm thinness, the Sparin Tempered Glass protector provides your iPhone with the great protection with almost no weight. It improves the brightness of your phone up to 40 percent. The protector comes with the repeatable installation process which also leaves no bubbles on repeatable installation on the screen. The protective layer offers almost 99 % high definition display with magnetic absorption and with the lifetime warranty. It is available in the economic price of $6.99.
  4. Supershieldz Ballistic iPhone 6s Screen Protector: perfectly fits the iPhone 6s, this phone protector is the best option for your iPhone 6s protection as it provides the thickness of 0.3mm with the hardness of 9H. The protector provides the resistance against fingerprints, smudges and bubbles making it the best accessory for your iPhone. It also provides 99.99% High Definition Clarity and maintains the original touch experience of your iPhone 6s. It also features the lifetime warranty with the price tag of $7.49 in the market.
  5. ActionPie Tempered Glass iPhone 6s Screen Protector: it is a tempered glass screen protector specifically designed for your iPhone 6s that provides the maximum protection from high impact drops, scratches, scrapes, and smashes. The pack comes along the screen protector, alcohol cleaning pack and dust-removal adhesive strip which provides the after sales care to your iPhone. The ActionPie glass protector protects the screen with the 99.9% HD clear hydrophobicscreen coating protects that is effective against oil residues and fingerprints. This glass screen protector comes with the reasonable price of $6.99 only.
  6. Enther iPhone 6s Tempered Glass Screen Protector: the screen protector particularly designed by using the series of shock-absorption layersto protect your iPhone screen with the offer of excellent transparency to the surface of the screen. The screen protector consists of Anti-oil coating that reduces the chances of smudges and reduces finger prints. It is also made from the Tempered glass screen protectorwhich provides the excellent window display, high sensitivity and comfortable touch feeling. All these features come along the favorable price of just $9.99.
  7. Ionic Pro iPhone 6s Tempered Glass Screen Protector: the protector that is made up from the material that utilizes advanced technology that protects your Apple iPhone from the severe damage. The protector is made from the glass that has the rating of 9H hardness. These protectors are shatterproof that does not allows the dust and dirt to enter your phone. The protector is also a good resistance against scratches, smudges and cracks that is why it is good at ultimate protection for your phone. It is available in the price of $7.85 only.
  8. Yousave Accessories iPhone 6s Screen Protector: it is anultra-thin silicone gel cover that ensures lightest and the smoothest fit to your phone. The protector is made with the triple layer scratch guard technology that ensures you complete protection against scratches and smudges to your phone screen. This is available in the awesome price of $4.99 only.
  9. Spigen Tempered Glass iPhone 6s Screen Protector: it provides the ultimate protection to your iPhone with its premium glass and oleophobic coating with the anti- shatter film. It is available with the guide sticker and curved edges which ensure easy installation without any bubble on the screen. The price of this glass protector is $7.99 only.
  10. Maxboost Tempered Glass iPhone 6s Screen Protector: with the thinness of 0.2 mm, it is the best option in regarding the protection of your iPhone 6s. It protects your phone from high impact droplets, scrapes, bumps and scratches. Featuring the ultra-clear screen that offers 99.99 HD clearances in the screen for just $7.98.


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