10 Best IRC Clients For iOS, Windows, Android and Mac

Social networking and chats – these stuff have changed a lot. In fact, nothing in present resembles how the technology used to work in past. Internet relay chat has been a long hauling communication medium for the netizens. After all these years many new chatting network has emerged, however internet relay chat (IRC) clients hasn’t really lost their appeal. One willing to have the experience can still have a glimpse on the 10 top IRC clients mentioned here.


  1. mIRC

mIRC is one of the first IRC clients with many standing out features. Back in time when IRC used to be a new idea, mIRC had the feature said which the internet surfers of that time called a power-house? However, to connect to mIRC it only takes few general details like an active email address, nickname, server information etc. and you are in! If you don’t specify a server, you’ll be connected to a random one.


  1. IceChat

‘The chat cool people use’ too flashy for a chat client’s tag line, but in comparison with the technology this doesn’t really seem like an exaggerated claim. IceChat is pretty cool in reality, and it connects its clients in the fraction of moments. Almost every UI element is customizable and so do the experience.


  1. Textual

The ones mentioned earlier are solely based on Microsoft Windows OS platform; but Textual was released to own the Mac market and they have successfully done so. This program has a multi-column based UI that is dripping in visual effects and colors; also it has all necessary IRC features. ‘Off the record’ features offers a whole lot of privacy.


  1. WeeChat

Don’t belong to either of the Windows or Mac OS community; but Linux? Then you have WeeChat to meet your IRC chat demands. WeeChat takes almost no RAM, keeps the system blazing fast and it has all the necessary sets of plugins and customization features available.


  1. XChat Azure

XChat Azure one of those IRC clients which every Mac OS user would love to use. The UI is pretty streamlined and simple, the chat rooms are diversified, there are plenty of servers to kill one’s boredom and the best part is – it’s open source, the code is available on GitHub.


  1. HexChat

HexChat keeps IRC simple. There’s no tabs of thousands of features, nor very flashy colors in the UI. It’s a very plain and simple chat client with plenty of servers where you can find people to meet and greet, check user info, transfer files etc. It’s an open source client for Linux platform.


  1. Palaver

iOS platform has IRC clients too, and Palaver is one top-notch program among them. There are handful of features inside the Palaver interface, and connectivity over this platform is remarkably easy. The search option is decently powerful.


  1. Colloquy

Unlike some low-quality IRC clients on iOS; Colloquy is totally compatible with high resolution Retina displays. Push notifications are generated, and auto-completion works like charm while you are chatting on this platform. This app requires iOS 8 and above.


  1. AndChat

If you own an older Android device, then AndChat has gotten your back. This client runs in Android 2.1 and above platforms. Though the client looks slightly outdated as there’s no material design integration, but that’s for the smoothness on older devices.


  1. AndroIRC

AndroIRC is a nicely designed, material indulged IRC client. Installation and getting started with the app is very easy, and also there are plenty of servers available to begin chatting. Other features include file transfer, dual column UI, compact mode etc.



IRC chatting and fun, and surely brings a nice touch of nostalgia for many. These IRC clients can certainly meet the needs of anyone out there; on any platform.


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