Top 10 Best iTunes Alternatives

iTunes has undoubtedly been one of the popular choice of Mac users. Its a one way stop for every music lover and comes with iTunes store to look for fresh music. But are there alternatives to this amazing app? Yes, there are and here is a list of 10 best alternatives to iTunes.

  1. Vinyls:

It is one of the simplest alternatives which has a different interface in comparison to conventional interface. It rather portraits a trendy and retro outlook. Autofill feature of this tool never make your playlist empty by making random insertion in it. It also allows you to shuffle your music list whenever you want. It has a free trial period after which it is also available in paid version.

  1. Vox:

This tool is pretty small in size but is quite powerful when it comes to features. It might look complicated in initial days but soon you will be mesmerized by its features. It adds all the songs in an album into your playlist even if you select any one of it. Lastly, it is free and is worth a try.

  1. Sonora:

It is new in the market but is already trending due to its amazing features. The interface is quite simpler which gives you easy controls to select and play your songs. It also provides you with a well managed music library using chronological algorithm to sort them. It also comes with sharing option which lets you share your taste in social network. It is free alternative to iTunes.

  1. Ecoute:

Agreeing to it’s french meaning ‘listen’, the tool serves you well. It has exciting features which makes it a nice alternative to iTunes. It comes in different versions and some versions are free to experience.

  1. Tomahawk:

It is one of the complex alternatives to iTunes and gives much competition to it. It targets web users who search songs daily on web with its modern features. It allows you to access various media streaming sites like YouTube. It comes free but its interface is not that exciting.

  1. DoubleTwist:

It is free app and is also available on android too. It possess features that even iTunes doesn’t offer. It gives you option to access Amazon MP3 market and is worth a try.

  1. Fidelia:

It is basically concerned with the quality of sound it provides to you. It supports a huge range of formats and is a very good alternative to iTunes. It has a pretty correct feature of wavelength display which makes it one among its kind. It is a paid tool but is worth every penny.

  1. Podtrans:

As the name suggests, this app supports cross platform sharing. It is quite simple to use due to its easy drag and drop options letting it stand out among other alternatives. It comes free and can prove to be quite useful for you.

  1. Spotify:

Everybody must have heard about it. It has huge storehouse of songs and integration with Facebook makes it more attractive. The app comes free if you don’t mind ads with it but also has ad free paid version.

  1. Rdio:

It tops the alternatives for iTunes with its simplicity. It allows you to share music in social network. The app also comes free if you don’t mind having a limit to your monthly listening duration. If you want to enjoy unlimited music, then you can opt for paid version.

These end the list of iTunes alternatives which are worth a try. These apps are quite promising and can prove to be a good alternative for you.


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