Top 10 Best Java IDEs For Programmers

When it comes to programming language, Java is undeniably the most common one. It has been widely used in supercomputers, game consoles, Android apps and a lot more. What made Java very popular is its portability and simplicity. Do you know what IDE means? It actually stands for Integrated Development Environment. This will help you in compiling and editing your code. In this regard, here are the 10 finest Java IDEs ever:

  1. Dr. Java – This Java IDE is primarily intended for beginners and students. However, this does not meant that it cannot be used by professionals. In fact, Dr. Java is packed with advanced features intended for Java pros. It’s an open source and will not charge any amount if you want to download it.


  1. Codenvy – Unlike some other IDEs, Codenvy is a cloud-based one. This is an offline IDE that is packed with amazing features such as build/debug/run environments. One thing that you may love about it is it will never require installation process. Through this IDE, collaborating of files in real time is possible.


  1. Greenfoot – This is somehow an interaction-based IDE. In fact, it is considered an educational Java IDE. It’s widely used in developing 2D Java games and in making simple programs. Through it, people can be able to share their created programs and receive feedbacks from the other users.


  1. jGrasp – Software visualizations are the focuses of this Java IDE. It’s a super-light IDE, so there is no need to worry in storing it to your computer. It’s around 5 Megabytes. Code readability can be improved through its UML class diagrams feature. It has dynamic code viewers and a lot more features to enjoy.


  1. jCreator – This IDE is written in C++, making it to be a bit faster compared to other IDEs written in Java. It’s also a very efficient IDE, which is why a lot of people are making use of this one. This is actually a paid IDE, but it also has a free version that has no amazing features to enjoy.


  1. BlueJ – This open source IDE is widely used for educational purposes. Small software projects can also be done effectively through it. Its interface is not complicated, so there is nothing to worry if you are a beginner. Teaching Object Oriented Programming is the main objective of BlueJ.


  1. Jdeveloper – This fully free IDE is developed by Oracle. Maven Support, Ant Support, Profiling, Debugging, Audit & Metrics, Version Control, and Refactoring are the common features you can enjoy in Jdeveloper. It has two editions namely, the Studio Edition and the Java Edition.


  1. NetBeans – This is owned by Oracle. It’s a completely modularized IDE. In fact, every IDE function it has comes in a form of module. What’s the best about it is it’s free of charge, and it’s compatible to almost all platforms and operating systems.


  1. IntelliJ IDEA – This is among the “Big 3” Java IDEs apart from NetBeans and Eclipse. If you want to have a closed source IDE, then IntelliJ is perfect for you. This is best to use for Android Studio. It’s a paid IDE and it supports Windows, Linux, and OS X.


  1. Eclipse – This isn’t only a famous IDE for Java, but for PHP and C++ as well. A lot of developers are using this IDE. What is even the best about it is it’s an open source tool. The latest release of Eclipse is the Eclipse Luna that supports Java 8.


These are the 10 finest IDEs ever. Know all of them and you will know how useful they are.


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