Top 10 Best Selling Laptop Brands

While choosing the right laptop brand, budget and performance are the two aspects that we consider. While the market is overflooding with a wide range of laptop brands, we often find ourselves confused. Here are the top best laptop brands with high reliability and good performance

  1. Apple

The Apple laptops are certainly the most reliable ones and powerful. It grows thinner and powerful though the overall design strategies remains the same. Being designed with solid design strategies, these laptops are very rarely prone to failure. The keyboards are snappy, pleasant to use, and nigh unbreakable under usual circumstances. it does not pose much display issues and battery life is high.

It is absolutely the best to buy, though expensive, as the money spend is worth the performance.


  1. Asus

Asus is the right brand to buy if you need a reliable and less expensive laptop. It is sleeker and lighter than a lot of brands you find in the market. Asus Zenbook UX305 is one the best asus laptops with a bright matte screen that’s immune to reflection, and battery life that lasts more than 9.5 hours. Asus Transformer Book chi Blurb is a solid 2 in 1 for the price. The two parts, the screen and the keyboard, are connected by strong grip magnets. It is cheap and has high battery life.

Asus laptops are the right choice for everyday use. It has the best P.C components in it. So instead of buying a P.C, you can buy an Asus laptop.


  1. Lenovo

Lenovo is a Chinese brand and make some of the best laptops in the market. The company’s ThinkPads remain the best business laptops in the industry, while its premium Yogas is fantastic, bend-back 2-in-1s. Lenovo laptops are superlight and with folds.

Lenovo has proved to be very user friendly that once you use it, you will not probably go for any other brands. This brand is the ideal one for business uses.


  1. Dell

Dell is a U.S brand and provides high quality motherboard which helps you work with a happy mood. This brand provides super strong laptops with high quality for every need, ranging from business laptops to gaming laptops.

Dell gives a class feeling and very rarely gives rise to negative comments.


  1. Sony

Sony VAIO laptops have gained high popularity. The most attractive feature is that these laptops are available in many attractive colors. VAIO laptops are reliable and functions efficiently.

This brand has got high reputation has is one of the best laptop brands.


  1. Acer

Acer is ranked as the seventh leading laptop brand. It has sleek and light weight design with core i7 processor, discreet graphics and impressive 9:46 of battery life. Other features are snappy keyboard, strong security features and impressive performance.

This brand is the best option for business uses.


  1. Toshiba

Toshiba offers laptops in different price ranges. Though these laptops look unstylish, they pose high quality hardware components. They have epic battery life, sturdy and sleek design, dual styluses, crisp full-HD display.


  1. Samsung

Samsung has attained a lot of reputations over the last few years. It provides laptops in a range of prices.  These laptops are gorgeous, elegant design, bright quad-hd touch screen, powerful speakers and solid backlit keyboard. This brand is known for its laptop screen quality and has high battery life. The operating system used is also of superior quality.


  1. HP (Hewlett-Packard)

It is one of the leading companies that produce P.Cs and laptops. HP uses the latest softwares to make their products. HP is one of the most recognized and valuable brands when it comes to laptops. It offers laptops with a balanced combination of functionality and style. Its products are higher ranged among the laptop users. Their products are aimed towards a wide range of consumers. HP laptops are stylish and fashionable. Though expensive, HP is one of the best selling laptop brands.


  1. MSI

MSI stands for Micro-Star International and is one of the best gaming laptop brands. Though expensive, MSI laptop provides high quality and super performance. It is elegant with bright and vibrant display. You can remove top and bottom panels to upgrade parts.  The disadvantage is that it has got poor battery life.


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