6 Best Laptops Under 40,000 INR in India

Laptop is one of the biggest needs of working professionals and for students pursuing higher education these days. Market is flooded with lots of laptops under 40 k with nice specs too, but selecting the right one is always a problem because of the huge number of products out there. So here are the top 6 recommendations from us which you can grab at a price point of Rs. 40,000.


Dell Inspiron 3148

Dell 3148 is a complete hybrid device whose touch screen has got a rotation capability of 360 degree. Fitted with 4th generation core i3 processor it’s incredibly faster and reliable in terms of portability. Hard disk capacity is of 500GB accompanied by 4 gigabytes of RAM.

Cost: 36k approx.


Lenovo Idea pad Flex 2

It’s a full-fledged notebook pc with Intel core i3 4th generation processor. 14.1 inch screen has got touch input support which makes your work a lot easier and faster. For better speed it is fitted with 4 GB of RAM and a SSD of 8 gigabytes accompanied by and500 GB HDD.

Cost: 37k approx.


Dell 3543 Inspiron Notebook

With a screen size of 15.6 inches it has got the latest 5th gen Intel core i5 processor and offers great speed and reliability. With hard disk capacity of 1 TB it has got a RAM of 4 gigabytes which can further expandable as it has got two memory slots for RAM expansion. It comes with UBUNTU preinstalled onto it.

Cost: 39k approx.


ASUS X555LJ-XX130D (Notebook)

Asus is well known for its cheap and the best config. in class. This particular model is one of the best laptops with great processing capabilities for graphical usage, as it has got 2 GB of dedicated graphics by NVidia. With a HDD capacity of 1TB and a RAM of 4 GB it outperforms any other laptop in this class. It comes with DOS that means you have to install Windows or any other OS that you like to work on.

Cost: 40k Approx.


HP Pavilion G6 Series G6-2105TX

You can call this as a beast because it has got A class specs on board. Powered up by a 4th generation Intel core i5 processor accompanied by a graphics processor of 2 GB by AMD it is really powerful and work flawlessly. With 4 GB of RAM onboard and a HDD capacity 500 GB it can be your best friend in the cyber world.


Cost: 39k Approx.


Lenovo G50-80 Notebook

Lenovo’s tag line “For Those Who Do” fits quite comfortably on this model as it has got a 5th generation core i5 processor accompanied by a 2GB graphics for optimum performance. Fitted with a HDD of 1 TB and a RAM of 4 GB, it comes with windows 8.1 preloaded.

Cost: 40k Approx.



In this superfast world where everyone is in a hurry, a superfast and cost efficient laptop is a much needed device for working professional or students. The enlisted six laptops are best in class in terms of cost and the specs they have got. You can select any one from these and perform faster through ought the day as they are great on battery life too.


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