8 Best Linux Distributions Till Date

Four out of every five super computers in the world are being powered by LINUX. Linux is one of the most powerful and lightweight operating system, as the whole world is working over its development because it’s open source. We have enlisted some of the best Linux Distributions available for different purposes. Choose the one that is best suited to your profession.


1. Elementary OS: The Most Beautiful One

Elementary OS is undoubtedly one the most beautiful Linux distro. It is designed by some of the great designers active in the open source community around the globe. They have worked really hard to make it most sleek and beautiful.


2. Best Desktop Distro : Open Suse

Linux is the most advanced OS, the main reason behind its open source and thousands of developers are working on its development worldwide. I personally found Open Suse to be one of the best and most polished Desktop Linux distributions.


3. Debian : The Best Personal Server

You are looking to develop your own server for your own usethen you should switch to Debian. There are very least chances of anything going wrong to a server running on Debian distro because it’s known for its rock-solid and fail proof performance.


4. Ubuntu MATE: soul mate of Laptops

Laptops are hybrid devices which comes really handy when it comes to power in a portable way. Most laptops are not as powerful as a desktop pc can be. So at those places it can really do the trick if you have got installed Ubuntu mate on your laptop.


5. Arch Linux: The Most Customizable

Arch Linux can be called as a fully customizable OS. As you can select what you want and what’s not to be on your pc. While you install Arch Linux on your pc, you are actually building your own OS bit by bit. So go for it if you want an environment that is under full control of yours.


6. Snappy Ubuntu Core: The Raspi Distro.

Raspbian is undoubtedly the hottest and the most popular distro for raspberry pi , but recently announced Snappy core Ubuntu is developed for raspberry pi 2 is changing the game. Raspberry pi is a hot favorite hardware for IOT developers and hobbyists.


7. Steam OS: Distro for Gaming

There are a lot of gamers out there who love Linux as their main OS. The steam distro is completely devoted to the gamer’s community. Steam machines are really powerful and can play even hardest of the games in a very easier way.


8. The Hacker’s Thing: KALI Linux

Kali Linux has got some of the best tools for hacking and this the reason why it’s called the hacker’s thing. The person in your network should have a big reason to worry if you have got installed Kali Linux on your machine. It can you give you great powers to exploit any machine you want.



Linux is no doubt the best Operating system till date. No matter what’s your profession is or what you love to do, there will always be a distribution by Linux that will suit your work in the best possible way. Switch to Linux and feel the power of Open source.


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