Top 10 Best Malware Removal Tools For Windows

Computers have become a necessity nowadays. Even if you are well skilled in managing your pc, a small malware can create huge havoc in your life. Handling malware can be a tedious job. But to simplify it, here’s a list of malware tools that can help you out in such cases.


  1. Malwarebytes:

It is one of the best tools present in the market which promises its user a wide range of features which can be useful to all kinds of personnel. It can be used independently or with any of the tool running in your pc. It is available for free but paid version is also available which protects your pc from hacking cases.

  1. Panda free antivirus:

You can never experience an antivirus as light as Panda free antivirus. Along with detecting malware in your pc, it can also perform URL filtering. It is very simple to install but at the same time is quite powerful in performance. It provides amazing features at zero cost.

  1. BitDefender Internet security:

As the name suggest, this tool ensures protected browsing and navigation in pc. So it acts quite well as a malware fighting tool. It is a paid tool. If cost is not an issue, go for this tool as it has been successful in providing quality services.

  1. Spybot:

Spybot has witnessed an enormous popularity in quite a small time of its existence. As the name suggests, it acts as a bot which finds and combats malware in your pc. It is very fast in its action. It is free for individuals but if you are quite a big firm needing it in many PCs then you have pay certain money. So in nutshell, quite a good tool which can availed both free and paid.

  1. AVG antivirus 2015:

If you need to sort out malware along with certain issues in your pc, then AVG antivirus is the right choice for you. It sorts out issues related to email protection or data encryption and much more along with combatting viruses in your pc. If you want to use this tool, you have to pay a small amount.

  1. SUPERAntiSpyware:

It is one of the amazing anti malware tool present in market if you are looking to remove critical malwares in your pc. It is a pretty powerful tool and can solve big issues in your pc. Free version has limited features but paid version has all the features and is worth every penny.

  1. Ad-Aware free antivirus+:

It is a free tool and can solve malware issues in your pc without eating much resources in it. It also comes with security features which makes your pc much secure than before. You can browse safely in web with the help of this tool. Moreover all of it comes free in your pc.

  1. Microsoft security essentials:

It is one of the tools that is highly recommended and is worth a try. It comes from Microsoft itself so you don’t have to doubt the reliability of the product. It scans the virus pretty smoothly in your pc and combats it pleasantly as well. It is also free so you can have a try at it.

  1. ESET smart security8:

This tool is pretty elegant to use when you just don’t need malware removal but much more. It is great tool for everyone and can provide you pretty power packed features. But it is not free. It comes only in paid version.

  1. KasperSky Internet security2015:

It is an elegant tool in the market to wipe out malwares in your pc. It is simple to use and removes virus at the expense of not too many stages. You can have this tool to protect your pc from internet security threats. But it comes in paid version.


If you have not installed any malware removal tool or want to upgrade to a newer one, you can follow this list and select one for your pc.


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