Best Micro Jobs To Do – Make Money Online

Jobs that are posted online for micro workers are known as micro jobs. Companies tend to have smaller jobs which they wish to outsource to people online who will complete the task for a smaller amount of pay. Thesetypes of jobs are a good platform to earn money by spending a little time over the web and are considered to be the best for students who want to earn by working for part time.

Taking surveys

Taking surveys and completing small tasks online do not need any expertise, but it can help you earn handsome money. Online surveys are one of the best micro jobs that can be completed the comfort of your home. All that you need is a good internet connection.


Data entry

Many companies out there are looking for operators who can handle their data entry requirements and they can pay you as much as $5 a day or 1or 2 USD/ hour. So search for one best suited job for you and start earning.



Freelancing is one of the hottest and the most popular micro jobs. As you have to write articles on different topics provided by the job providers and in return they will pay you a god amount. You can earn as much as USD300-400 per month. And in the process you will learn a lot as you will come across many different topics each day.


Photo editing

Many websites are looking for professional’s photo editors who can edit the photos using Photoshop or any other photo editing tool. So if you have got the ability to enhance the pictures or you are good at photo editing then go ahead as it can earn you a lot.


Sell your stuff online

If you are good at creativity and you have developed some really awesome stuffs; and you think that this could be loved by others. Then make your presence online and post the details of your stuff, as by doing this you are exposing yourself to the mass.


Coding jobs

This micro job is not as micro as coding takes a lot of time and effort, but there are many companies that are looking for coders or programmers who can code for them. This will get you a lot of money as it is one of hardest micro jobs and programmers are not so easy to find. So if you can code then you are most welcome.


Product review

The market is being flooded with technology with latest launches each day; this produces the requirement of the reviewers who can review the product on behalf of the company. This is one of the greatest micro jobs as you will get your hands on new and trendy launches every day.



Money is the greatest need of the human at presentera;resources are many which can get you paid but lack of proper information costs hard. The micro jobs mentioned in this article are really good and after a little effort you can earn a handsome pocket money for yourself. These jobs will not make you rich, but they can back your pocket needs and will increase your productivity too.



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