Top 10 Best Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Cases

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is one of the most popular devices in the world. The most popular reasons behind this is the features of the device. If you are confused what to select a Tablet or Laptop, then Microsoft Surface Pro 3 fits the choice. It is popularly called as the Laplet due to the size and the features of it. It comes with Windows 10 and i3, i5 and i7 processors. You have the options for RAM variants as well. You have 4 GB and 8 GB RAM options. The storage of the device varies up to 512 GB. All the features look quite interesting and of course appealing. However, the Surface Pro 3 has a drawback and that it requires safety case or protective case for durability and security of the Laplet. You would get many such cases in the market but here are the best 10 Microsoft Surface Pro 3 cases.

1. Manvex Leather Case for Surface Pro 3

This is made of PU Leather to give the Surface added and enhanced quality. It is absolutely the best among the bunch and gives overall protection. It absorbs the shocks and keeps the device safe from every situation. It is highly compatible as well in terms of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. I It is available in the range of $26.95.

2. Fintie Folio Slim-Fit Surface Pro 3 Case

This is an affordable and leather made case for Pro 3 that does not only give you the high degree of protection but also gives the Pro 3 an impressive look. It does not matter what kind of protection you want from the case, it gives you all. It is also highly compatible with various keyboards as well. It is available in the range of $12.99.

3. MoKo Shell Stand Surface Pro 3 Case

This is designed for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and is known for the styling and protection. It gives you the design, protection and special features. It has special cuts for the accessories and ports. This has been designed in a way to make the ventilation and airflow of high quality so that you do not come across the heating problems. It is available in the range of $14.99.

4. Fintie Slim-Fit Corner Protection Surface Pro 3 Case

As the name suggests the Surface Pro 3 Case is designed for the device. However, unlike others, it has been designed to fulfill some specific necessities of the Surface Pro 3. It gives the surface the overall protection, but the most important part is that it gives you special protection on the corners. It is sleek and appealing in appearance. It is highly compatible and is available for the range of $17.99.

5. ESR Surface Pro 3 Folio Case

The case is made of Polycarbonate. The benefit of using the material is that it is light in weight but gives you strong protection. The Surface Pro 3 gets protected from all angles with the case in use. It also has special features like Kickstand Angle that helps you to get better viewing experience. It is available in the range of $29.99.

6. Urban Armor Gear Surface Pro 3 Case

This is one of the best cases for Surface Pro 3. You can put your Surface inside of the case and keep it safe. It has a strong exterior and soft interior for maximum and all possible protection. You can have different angels protection for your Surface. This is one of the best and is available for the range of $68.97.

7. Incipio Roosevelt Surface Pro 3 Case

If you are looking for good appearance, stylish designing and high protection, then this is one of the best options you have. It has sleek design and high protection with strong yet light material. The case is available in the range of $34.37.

8. Incipio Surface Pro 3 Rugged Case

This is a rugged case that is known for cool styling and effective handling. As far as the protection is concerned, it highly secured and offers overall protection even from all angles. It has an effective handle that helps you to handle it easily. It also gives you the best viewing angle to watch the screen. It is available in the range of $61.76.

9. ProCase Folio Cover Case for Surface Pro 3

This is a quality product for the Surface Pro 3 and is known for high protection and effective design. It is highly compatible and can be used with Microsoft Type Keyboard, Touch Keyboard and others. It keeps your Surface away from dirt, dusts and of course absorbs the shocks. It is available in the range of $29.99.

10. OtterBox Symmetry Series Surface Pro 3 Case

OtetrBox gives you the best Surface Case that gives you the best top protection. It gives you high compatibility, stylish designing and of course overall protection. The better viewing angle is also one of the best part of the case.

These cases are highly effective and popular as well. These cases can protect your surface from all kinds of harms.


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