Top 10 Best Mileage Bikes Below Rs. 50000 In Indian Market

India is a place where people talk more about mileage than specifications. People are crazy about bikes not only for the passion of driving or style but also for needs. However, the need and the requirement change from place to place. The need of Urban India is different and so is the need of rural India. However, the mileage is very constant throughout the country. This is considered one of the most important parts of the bike and hence is always preferred. This is the reason Fuel Efficient Bikes are always preferred and most sold in India. Another significant benefit of the mileage bikes is the cost efficiency. These are generally priced at lower cost and majority of the bikes are available under INR 50000. If you do not know the most fuel efficient mileage bikes in India, then here are the Top 10 Best Mileage Bikes in India under INR 50000.


  1. Hero HF Delux

The mileage of the biking is hoping 83 Km/liter. The next generation Hero Bike is stylish and fashionable. It is also powered by 97 CC of Engine along with 7.70 of Maximum BHP Power. The smooth bike is excellent to handle and easy to drive. The Fuel Tank Capacity of the Bike is 10 liters. However, it is available in wide number of variants depending upon the features and the colors. The starting price of the bike is INR 40,250 based on Ex-Showroom Mumbai.

  1. Honda CD 110 Dream

Honda started making bikes individually and CD 110 Dream is one of the best bikes it has in terms of fuel and cost efficiency. The bike has 83 Km/Liter mileage and 8.25 of Maximum BHP Power. It is driven by a 110 CC Engine that is powerful enough for all kinds of roads in India. It is one of the best mileage bikes with stunning look and desired style. It is priced at a price of INR 41270 as per Ex-Showroom Mumbai.

  1. Hero HF Deluxe Eco

The Hero HF Deluxe is one of the most wanted and stylish bikes from Hero with higher mileage and cheaper cost. It has smooth handling and light weight along with 83 Km/Liter mileage. It is powered by 97 CC Engine with 7.60 Maximum BHP Power. It has a large fuel tank of 10 liters that is enough for long ride as well. There are quite few benefits of the bike and these look even more attractive with price of INR 46150.

  1. Hero HF Dawn

The 97 CC Engine, 7.70 Maximum BHP Power and the wonderful mileage of 83 Km/Liter have made it one of the most popular and best bikes in the Indian Market as far as the Fuel Efficiency is concerned. It has very light weight and sufficient Fuel Tank Capacity of 10 Liters for the Indian customers. It is available for the price of INR 39870.


  1. Bajaj Discover 100 M

It is a new bike with a different and unique platform from Bajaj. It drives from the power of 102 CC Engine with 9.10 Maximum BHP Power. The light weight of 114 Kg and swift handling makes it one of the best bikes in India with higher mileage and various features. The suspension and comfort of the bike is praiseworthy. It has the fuel efficiency of 84 Km/Liter and comes at the price of INR 48210. It has the high fuel capacity of 10 Liters and is available for multiple colors.


  1. Hero Passion PRO

Hero is one of the leading bike manufacturers in India and the Passion PRO is one of the best selling bikes for higher mileage and cost efficiency. It has mileage of 84 Km/Liter and is priced at INR 45250. It is powered by 97 CC Engine with 7 Maximum BHP Power. It has huge Fuel Tank Capacity of 13 Liters and is available in many variants.


  1. Bajaj CT 100

This is an entry level bike from Bajaj but is one of the best and most popular bikes in India. It has a surprising mileage of 89 Km/liter and. The attractive styling and swift riding makes it even more attractive. You can get the bike for mere INR 35034 Ex-Showroom Mumbai price. The low maintenance bike comes with 10 liters of Fuel Tank Capacity and amazing ride quality. It is available in wide ranges of variants. The light weight of the bikes makes it even more comfortable to ride and easy to handle.


  1. Bajaj Platina

Bajaj Platina is one of the most popular bikes in all over India. It has the perfect style and handling along with a comfortable ride. The high mileage of 90 Km/Liter is even more appealing in the bike. It is powered by 99 CC Engine along with 8.20 Maximum BHP power. The light weight and higher Fuel Tank Capacity of 13 liters are some other value additions in the bike. You can get the bike for INR 39283 Ex-Showroom Mumbai price.


  1. Hero Splendor PRO

Hero Splendor PRO is one of the best bikes that has changed the dimensions of the bikes in Indian Market. The wonderful style and design of the bike has made it possible to give it a classy look with huge mileage of 90 Km/Liter. It is also very affordable and is available for only INR 44150. It is powered by 97 CC Engine with 7.60 Maximum BHP Power. The higher Fuel Tank Capacity of 11 Liters and the wide variants make it one of the best in the market.


  1. TVS Star Sports

It is the best mileage bike in India for the awesome mileage of 95 Km/Liter. It is powered by 100 CC Engine with 7.40 Maximum BHP Power. The light weight, excellent styling and high fuel tank capacity make it one of the best bikes in India. It is priced at INR 36880.

These are not only popular bikes for best mileage but also equally efficient and high performance bikes on Indian roads.




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