Best Mileage Scooters Price In India

India has become one of the largest and emerging market for automobile industry. The Two Wheeler industry has seen a phenomenon growth in the last decade. The Scooters slowly came into the market and has now covered the entire industry. There are range of scooter available from different manufacturing companies. Scooters were previously pitched for the women and certain age group. However, in recent years the manufacturers have started marketing aggressively and scooters have become as important as bikes. If you are looking for The Top 5 best mileage scooters in India then the following are the best options you have.


Honda Activa

This is no doubt the champion of the market. Ever since the launch of the product, this scooter has won hearts in all sectors of the market. The 109 CC scooter has quite decent mileage of 55 kmpl. The telescopic suspension system is considered as one of the best in the industry. The price of the scooter is ₹56500 (Ex-showroom). This is the highest selling scooter in India and second most sold two wheeler in India.


Hero Mastero

Hero came with the rival activa with loaded features, attractive looks and refined engine. The scooter finds it space in the market because of the marketing it as scooter for men. However, the 109 CC scooter also comes with healthy 55 kmpl mileage as well. Hero is selling the scooter for ₹52545 (Ex-showroom).


TVS Jupiter

Jupiter is one of the most successful scooters in India for both men and women. The stunning look and the high performance coupled with the durability and reliability of TVS have made it one of the best products in India. The impeccable handling of the 109 CC scooter gives mileage of 57 kmpl. The product is priced at ₹49599 (Ex-Showroom).


Yamaha Ray

It is relatively new entrant in the market but has managed to showcase its business in short time. Yamaha is known for bike engineering and Yamaha Ray is nothing less than that. The sockers, absorbers and the suspension make riding a beautiful experience. The 113 CC scooter has the mileage of 50 kmpl. The price of the scooter is ₹53300 (Ex-Showroom).


TVS Scotty Pep +

It will be unfair if the name of the TVS Scotty Pep + is not mentioned. Even though the market of this scooter has fallen but this has actually changed the trend of Indian scooter market. The Scotty Pep + or Pep just changed how women communicate in India. There is no other scooter lighter than this in India. The 87.8 CC scooter has the mileage of 64 kmpl. The price of the product is ₹46230( Ex-Showroom).


Indian scooters are best fitted for the people who love to have hassle free driving. It is very easy to drive and equally easy to control as well. The scooter market of India is still surging and many more products are getting launched in India. As the time passes by, the scooter market of India should be one of the best in the market.


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