Top 10 Best MMORPG Games

With the improvement of network connection worldwide, the nature of multiplayer gaming is changing as well. Previously, it was only few people who had access to exclusive fast connections and they could play games on multiplayer. These days, the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) are taking over the scenario. These games are mostly playable on web browsers, few have dedicated programs for almost all computing platforms include smartphones – hence this trend has spread very fast unlike anything else. Anyone willing to begin may want to take a look on the current top 10 selection of MMORPG games.


  1. Skyforge

Skyforge is developed by ALlods Team of Obsidian Entertainment. The game is based on a science fiction plot where the gamer needs to become gods so they can protect the invading forces. Players need to use Ascension Atlas which is divided into three color nodes and two levels. Earning experience will gain talents and level up the player to new levels.


  1. Neverwinter

Genre of Neverwinter is action; in this game the player has to take a mighty hero character who would protect the Neverwinter lands from any conspirators that might hit the lands. Not politics though, the invaders are creatures like Dragons or other monsters, and you have to fight through castles and dungeons. It’s a pretty addictive game.


  1. Aura Kingdom

Anime loving people would love the heavy integration of Anime into this game. The plot takes pace in Azuria dominated by Gaia. When the people of Azuria are to suffer through distress, a spiritual sense will awake among certain people who would turn into Envoys of Gaia to determine this existing world’s fate. This game is developed by Aeria Games.


  1. Planet Calypso

Love colonizing into alien planets? Then Planet Calypso would be a fun time pass for you. This game is based on a 3D sci-fi plot where the gamers can find real economy and social structures. The player would play the role of a colonist settled on a distant alien planet with land area more than 1500 square kilometers. With nearly 200 skills, the player has to make a human colony.


  1. Tera Rising

TERA Rising is an action MMORPG where players can conduct a battle on non-targeting systems. The players can control their character directly and there’s no automated attack or targeting. The gameplay offers more flexibility on the gamers’ end and a very dynamic battle experience. TERA Rising is developed by Blue Hole Studio.


  1. Guild Wars 2

Inside Guild Wars 2, a player can play on different types of gameplay like structured PvP where five gamers play against each, or world vs. world. In the latter category, the players would fight to make their home world win. Initial level would be 80 for a fair start. The graphics on this game is amazing.


  1. 4Story

The same game is known as Gates of Andaron in the North American region. The genre of 4Story’s plot is Fantasy; and the graphics and interfaces are much similar to a very popular game World of Warcraft. Even though there are prominent differences that sets them apart from each other. A player would be required to join a fraction from three – Defugel, Craxio, Broa and a race from three – Fairy, Werebeast and Human and a class from six – Archer, Assassin, Priest, Warrior, Summoner and Wizard.


  1. 9Dragons

Plot of 9Dragons begins in ancient China, timeline Ming Dynasty. This game would require the player to proceed through martial arts a set of different skills. There are four specific classes to pick from – Strategist, Chi Kung Artist, Holist, Warrior; and six different martial arts class. To create a character, 9Dragons provide 8 facial styles, 21 hairstyles and 3 costumes so it’s pretty easy.


  1. Age of Conan: Unchained

Brutal King Conan’s kingdom is all about tyranny and the player has to enter Hyboria; this kingdom to fight against such injustice. The game was previously a retail game but re-launched later on to match the category of present days’ MMORPG genre.


  1. Aion: Ascension

Aion: Ascension has absolutely stunning graphics to blow a gamer away. In the gameplay, the player would go through breath taking adventures. The player’s interaction determines the fate of Ateria; meanwhile there would be plenty of gasping moments of joy and excitement.



These MMORPG are currently very popular among the online multiplayer gamer community. However, you must have high-speed broadband connection with lowest possible ping for smooth gameplay.Almost any computer with a decent configuration would be able to play these games but higher amount of RAM and a decent graphics processing unit is always a plus. Some games offer in-game purchases, the basic gameplay is free for all these games mentioned in this brief review.


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