Top 10 Best Mobile Companies in India

India is one of the largest growing economies in the world. Almost every sector is growing fast, many have grown to a very advanced stage already. The smartphone sector is having a boom in its design, development and marketing statistics. Indian made smartphones are built of high quality materials, provides great performance and come at a very reasonable price point. There are reasons why people are bestowing their fate on Indian branded smartphones these days – because they’re achieving that standard to compete against the global brands. Being said that, this article intends to briefly cover the top 10 mobile making companies in Indian.


  1. Micromax Informatics

People mostly know the brand as Micromax since they produce their smartphones by that title, however the official company name contains a prefix ‘Informatics’. It’s a local consumer electronics company founded in 29th March of 2000 and still serving the Indian and regional population. Micromax started manufacturing mobile phones in 2008 and smartphones in 2010, currently they are the biggest Indian manufacturer of smartphones.


  1. Karbonn Mobiles

Even though Karbonn Mobiles was founded back in 2009, way later than the counterpart Micromax yet Karbonn has been able to leave a remarkable footprint in the Industry. The origin of this company was in Bangalore, India and it’s a public company. During the fiscal year of 2011, this company invested around $5M and the turnover was 4 thousand crore rupees during the 2013-14 fiscal year.


  1. Lava International

Lava International is an Indian company founded in 2009. The company structure is Private, and they visionary of this company was four people – Hari Om Rai, Sunil Bhalla, Vishal Sehgal and ShailendraNathRai. Lava had a bonding agreement with Intel back in 2012 and their first tablet came out on 2012. Lava Iris Pro 30 was the first flagship smartphone from this company launched in 2014.


  1. Xolo

Xolo is a sister concern of Lava International. The head offices of Xolo are located at Uttar Pradesh state of India. The company was founded back in 2012 and currently they are producing smartphones, tablets, laptops and developed the Hive UI for their smartphones and tablets. Xolo’s current revenue is $1 billion.


  1. Intex

Intex is a pretty old company in the Indian market. It was founded on 1996 at New Delhi, India. The visionary of Intex is named Mr. Narendra Bansal. Intex manufactures smartphones, consumer electronics like LED/LCD TV, DVD players, speakers, wearables, home theatres, cookers and washing machiens etc. The area of service of Intex is worldwide. Intex holds the honor to launch India’s first Firefox based OS Intex Cloud FX.


  1. iBall

iBall runs on private ownership, there’s no public shares released on the stock market. iBall was founded back in 2001 and they are basically an industry in the consumer electronics category. The headquarters are located at Mumbai; served area is only India. iBall’s manufacturing list includes stuff like microphones, LCD monitors, USB flash drives, speakers, headphones, barcode scanners etc. Also, iBallAndiUddaan – a smartphone specialized for females had created a vibe in the market.


  1. YU Televentures

YU Televentures is registered as a private ownership company in the Indian region under the telecommunication Industry. It was formed on 2014 under Micromax supervision, it is infact a sister concern of that company. The headquarters are located at Haryana India. The tagline YU Televentures go by is pretty interesting – Play God.


  1. Spice Digital

During the initial launch, Spice Digital used to be known as Cellebrum Technologies. The company was founded on 2000 at Parwanoo, India. Starting with an employee number of 13, the count has now risen tofew thousands. The company has invested 1 billion rupees in 2006 to fuel up the operations and its running pretty well.


  1. Celkon

Celkon was founded on 2011. It’s a private company in the telecommunication industry of India – the basic objective is to make moderately powerful smartphones at a decent price tag. Celkon is India’s 6th largest mobile phone manufacturing company. Apart from smartphones, Celkon makes tablet computers and other wireless technologies required for network setup and smartphone manufacture. During the initial operation days, Celkon used to fabricate their handsets from Taiwan and Chinese factories. Currently, the have a producting facility in Telangana, India.


  1. Videocon Industries Limited

Videocon Industries Limited is has started operation in Indian back in 1979 – they are a conglomerate industry. The mobile phone manufacturing department of Videocon Industries went into production in 2009; ever since the company has been making devices from feature phones to high-end Android smartphones. ‘Zero Paise’ is a concept where the customers of 7 selected model phones could talk to other numbers for free. Videocon Infinium Z51+ is the 2015 Videocon flagship device.




Even though the smartphone industry in India is still in an emerging phase, still the operating companies are coming up with some excellent phones these days.


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