The 10 Best Multiplayer Games for iPhone and iPad

There is hardly anything better than games for stress buster and entertainment. But it gets double the entertainment for the multiplayer phone. But is it possible to play multiplayer games on your iOS? Well, it is and that too with plenty of options. There are scores of multiplayer games available for iPhone but not all of them are best in experience. From a user point of view, a multiplayer game has some significant aspects and few rightfully satisfy it. So, here are the Top 10 best Multiplayer Games available for your iPhone.


  1. Super Stickman Golf


This is one of the most interesting and brainstorming games available for iPhone. It supports up to four members. The physics puzzler gets mixed with Golf and creates an awesome game. The players run for the race to score the most with fewest strokes. This is a complete new experience for Golf gaming. It gives you little time for the perfect aim, quickest and strongest shot. Unlike the Single player mode, you will get plenty of power ups and variety in this game.


  1. Street Fighter IV Volt


The IOS version of the famous fighting game is one of the best for the users. It allows you for the multimode players and supports 2 players. This is one of the best experience you can get for a touch phone fighting game. The game also gets continuous new content and technical support for the better user experience.


  1. Zen Wars


This is a strategic game for the multimode players. There will be two to three members standing against each other. The last man standing on the game would be the winner. This is not only a game worth playing but exciting as well. Different war strategies can be seen at the game like use of weapons, placing walls, defense building and others. There is also in built voice chat available that makes the competition even more interesting and exciting.


  1. Star Legends


You will be allowed to take the quests from all over the world. It is a universal app on IOS. A player can auction items and acquire from others. However, the best part of the game is that it is completely free with no subscription charges. It is also compatible with Android and one can play with the same player on both the platform. The Star Legends can be very interesting to play.


  1. Assassin’s Creed II Multiplayer


This is a different game that does not only appeal but also built on a significant subject. In this game you will be blending in with the computer controlled real people on the crowd. Well, as multiplayer, there will be many like you. However, you have to find the real person and kill him. You must make sure that you would also lose your cover for the same.


  1. Homerun Battle 3D


If you love baseball, then this is the best you can get. This is not just a typical baseball game but has loaded features. You can see the progress of the opponents and can also measure them perfectly. This does not only help you to get better but also improves you as a player.


  1. N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance


This is one of the best multiplayer games that can change the dimension of gaming. The two on two matches along with some exciting Sci-Fi environment and atmosphere can make you feel the best gamers. It will give you an amazing experience with loads of features and experiences. However, you must not get carried away with the awesome graphics of the game and play to win it.


  1. Real Racing


There are many players who love racing but if you get a chance to race in multiplayer mode that too on your iPhone, then there is nothing better. It gives you amazing experience with loaded features and improved graphics overall. However, the game may soon get integrated to the Game Center.


  1. Archetype


This is one of the best iPhone multiplayer games for the features, content and graphics. It is based on five on five team death matches. You can get variety of weapons and different levels. The atmosphere and the game content is also amazing and exciting. If you are looking for something different then this is the best you can get.


  1. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus


This is a complete package for a multiplayer game iPhone gives you the best experience ever on it. The amazing combat game allows 10 players to play. However, you can always get more power after knocking someone down. It also helps you to unlock new levels and weapons to be competent enough in the battle.


These are not only the best Multiplayers game in the iPhone but also very popular among the users.


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