Top 10 Best Music Player Apps for Android

Many people love to listen to their favorite songs wherever they go. This is why smartphones become the finest options of gadgets, especially to those music lovers. To intensify the music experience of those people using Android phones, various music player applications are being developed. In relation to this, here are the 10 best music player applications they can download:


  1. Poweramp – This is known to be the number one excellent music player app that Android users can take advantage of. Its interface is complex-looking, but it is very attractive that nobody can resist downloading it. It has a lot of music formats being supported, such as tta, flac, ogg, wma, mp4, and mp3.


  1. BlackPlayer – As its name suggests, the interface of this music player has a gorgeous black color. Many common song formats are supported by this music player, such as wav, ogg, flac, and mp3. When you need to have a third party equalizer, it’s possible to incorporate it with the BlackPlayer. Some of its amazing features are gapless playbacks, built-in equalizer, and 3D surround virtualizer.


  1. Shuttle – Smooth and clean music experience to the Android users is assured by Shuttle. Numerous amazing music features are packed in this music player. It can support audio formats such as flac, wav, ogg, and mp3. Two of its amazing features are embedded lyrics and beautiful customizable widgets.


  1. Rocket – Material Design UI is implemented in this music player. It supports playlist formats like m3u8 and m3u, and it also supports audio formats like mp4, m4a, ogg, wav, and mp3. Aside from playing music, Rocket music player can also play videos and podcasts. Embedded lyrics, album art management, and custom lockscreen support are some of its features.


  1. Stellio – In terms of popularity, Stellio music player may not be the best choice. But in terms of amazing features, it never runs out of them. There’s no way you won’t love its user interface. The smooth performance, animations, and transitions are too great to resist. Some features you’ll love from it are 12-bands equalizers, crossfade, and its 13 audio effects.


  1. Phonograph – The gorgeous Material Design looks of this music player will definitely impress you. Various audio effects, queues, sleep timer, equalizer, and gapless playback support are available in Phonograph music player. Not only that, this music player also has beautiful widgets, lockscreen support, playlists, detailed file information, and tag editor.


  1. Pixel – A very interesting music experience is assured by this brand new music player. A modern user interface is perfect for all. It has great resemblance to what BlackPlayer has. Queue management is one unique and best feature of Pixel. Some other features are folder tab, scrobbling, lyrics support, and ID3 tag editor.


  1. n7player – An innovative way of browsing your music can be offered by this music player. Its interface is very user-friendly even though it is extremely innovative. Streaming music to some other devices is made possible with n7player. It is through the aid of music visualizer and DLNA or AirPlay or Chromecast.


  1. Google Play Music – Most of the Android smartphones are pre-installed by this music player. It’s actually not just a music player since it’s capable enough in streaming uses. The cloud support feature of it is simply amazing since it allows you to listen to your compiled songs whatever platform you’re using.


  1. Musixmatch – Its lyrics support feature is one thing that is loved by many about Musixmatch. It has Floating Lyrics feature that allows you to view with the song lyrics through cool little popup. mXm plugin is another amazing feature available in Musixmatch. It allows transferring of lyrics to some other music players.


These are the 10 best music player applications for Android. With them, there’s no way you cannot enhance your music experience.


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