25 Best Music Streaming Sites To Listen Free Music

Music is an eternal feeling which can never be explained with words. Music is the best therapy you need when you are depressed atmost. It is something that we all take pleasure to listening. Yes, I am sure not everyone wants to store a hoard songs on their hard drive.  So here we can go through the best 25 websites which we can listen to the music for free!

1. Spotify

Spotify holds a high position on the websites which we can listen our favourite music for free. This service offers a streaming range from free to paid.

2. Pandora

Pandora is one of the best website where we can discover the foremost new artists and most relevantly the best ways to listen to free music online not only that it is an automatic music recommendation service.

3. Last.fm

Last.fm is the one of the best  online music streaming service providing free and licensed music and we can even tie up with a social network for music lovers

4. Gaana.com

Gaana.com is the music streaming service which is launched in June 2011 by Indiatimes.com. This site has an enormous collection of  Bollywood music to listen.

5. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is one of the best source for free online music.  If we just enter an artist or song in this site then it analyzes our entry and builds a radio station around similar artists.

6. Songza

Songza is an another level od music personalization. It offers music really based on your wishes. There is a playlist for enhanced instrumental music.

7. Slacker

Slacker is one of the topmost online radio stations.  But it is a paid platform because of its design, library and of its essential features.

8. Rdio

Rdio is stocked with all the bells and whistles of music streaming. One of the best feature of Rdio is its option for ” remote control”. We can get even more options with a paid version.

9. Radio Tuna

Radio Tuna is a gateway to thousands of songs, and also prides itself in making online radio easy. If we click on any genre, then we get a wide selection of sub genres.

9. TuneIn

TuneIn provides to get access immediately over 100,000 radio stations and millions of podcasts.

10. Grooveshark

Grooveshark is the site that is completely free for our favourite songs. It also has an added bonus of featuring several rare tracks.

11. Amazingtunes.com

It is an international radio station which plays new music from a large collection of music genres including hip hop, indie, rock, pop etc

12. Aol radio

Aol radio is powered by slacker.com and it is an online radio service.

13. DI.fm

This site is a multiple channel internet rasio service that mainly focuses on e- music. DI stands for Digitally Imported.

14. SHOUTcast

SHOUTcast radio paves a way for thousands of free internet radio stations from DJs.

15. MikesRadioWorld

MikesRadioWorld  is the gateway for 5000 radio stations streaming live on internet.

16. Playlist 

Playlist is the most popular platform for free online music. The main advantage is with or without an account we get to start streaming songs immediately by entering an artist, genre or track.

17. Soundcloud

Soundcloud is the site which we can stream as much free music as we can handle or upload our own tracks to share our tracks with others.

18. Jamendo

Jamendo is a cool site with which no login on subscription fee required. It is not likely to replace any of the more established streaming platforms.

19. Mixcloud

Mixcloud doesn’t boast the big name of today’s on demand platforms. It does offers millions of mixes, radio shows and podcasts.

20. 8tracks

8tracks.com is the site with which the playlists are grouped by activity or genre. It allows us to build a playlist or online mixtape which is  consisting of 8 or more tracks.

21. Google Play Music 

As we all know Google Play Music prices songs at 99 cents a pop. We ca listen to our favourite artist’s music online for free. We can stream music from google play on your browser.

22. Musicovery

Musicovery’s soul is mood based music personalisation. If we enter our mood it will list down and displays the songs which we can hear according to our mood.

23. Mp3.com

Mp3.com is not an unknown thing for online music space. It is the most popular site for free downloads but it gives you the option to stream tracks at no cost.

24. Jango

Jango is the site for free music which serves up the options based on our tastes. It will allow you to stream music for free, and can also build our unique station to listen music.

25. MySpace Music

Myspace music is the leader in online music streaming in which you will find a rich reservoir of music. It is the streaming site which gives a massive makeover and has worked its way back into online music since rebranding itself.


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