Top 5 Best Notification Apps for Android

With Android phone, notification apps have gained popularity in the last few seasons. The rage is quite evident with many notifications being made available in the Android Platform. There are obviously better ones in the notification apps. As per sources, we have concluded on the top 5 apps to make it on Android. The categories that were referred are usability, customization features, and innovation. The results were unbiased and has been pretty much influenced by the number of people enjoying the services on their Android. These are the app that made into the top 5 for the Android devices.


1. Light Flow

One of the glam filled app for you android that has a comprehensive listing of controls for pretty much every notification options available on your Android. The app features many advanced improvisations in dealing with the notifications on your Android. Also featured in the app is the high priority to deal with the settings and a completely renovated assistance on the home screen. The assistance on the home screen is hidden when not in use and can be made invisible, as per the needs of the user. The app has been one of the most popular app available for the Android devices in the last season.


2. Flash Notification 2

The latest release with the latest features included for easy assistance on the Home screen. A wide range of tools included in the app for complete control on your Android through the interface on Flash Notification 2.The options on the Home Screen can be laid on for the other applications and utilities on your Android with a wide trending arcade of themed and color based notifications. Indeed one of the finest notification app based on the utility features and usability. Indeed a better release with more themed outset for the Android.


3. Fortifications

An improvised notification app that has been specifically built on the rendered features for Android devices. The app is integrated with many services to give you more clarity on notifications. There are tons of notification features that have unlimited themes and color options that are impeccably attractive and resourceful. There is also a provision on the app to stack notification and an easy to services like Facebook and Twitter etc. through the app. The finest app to make into top 5 since the features are pretty basic, still the color themes and the aesthetic appeal has scored for the app to counter the fallback.


4. Metro Notifications

An exclusive app with an extended features in the notification that has pretty much everything in the options needed on the home screen. The access to the settings has also been an improved feature, with many of the apps, utilities and settings arranged on a grid for instant access. Unlike the other notification apps, Metro Notification has taken it to a greater level by having a specialized window that can be accessed through the shortcut on your home screen. Also featured in the app is unlimited options for customization and other themed features that are quite distinct and appealing.


5. Snowball

An untapped resource for notification panel, indeed the app is one of the finest alternative to the conventional home screen with the easiest accessibility options and finest user interface to add on to the features. The lesser complexity in the design for the app is quite evident with millions of users preferring the app over the other of the kind. There is also quite an astonishing selection of themes and color options that are smoothly patterned for the visual appeal of Android devices. Moreover, there is a special access option for a categorized assortment of apps and setting on your Android device.


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