Top 5 Best Password Managers – LastPass Alternatives

As we are getting more and more closer to the technology, the risk of technology related crimes are also raising. We are using more and more online applications today which require you to enter login credentials and those login credentials are more forgettable and are more prone to hacking.

You cannot use a single password for all your accounts and passwords should be different for security purposes. As your number of online applications increases which require login credentials, managing usernames and passwords become increasingly difficult. So what can be done to solve this problem?

The solution to this problem is to use the password managers. There are many password managing software that can manage your passwords and usernames efficiently and one of them is LastPass. LastPass got great popularity because of its amazing features but recently it has been hacked which is forcing users to look for the alternatives to the LastPass which can work as the password managers to help them deal with their login credentials of different accounts.

Keeping your passwords and usernames save is the ultimate need of today as hackers are on the loose and recent attack on the LastPass has left the software and its users quivered. So here is the list of 5 best alternatives to LastPass which can help you in protecting your passwords:

  1. RoboForm:

RoboForm is a great LastPass alternative which protects your passwords and work best to keep your login credentials save and secure. This software help the users in keeping the accounts synced across multiple platforms for ease of use. If you are looking for a flexible password manager that works on multiple platforms then RoboForm is the one you need. RoboForm also offers password generators and works best to auto-fill the long and lengthy forms. You can buy the RoboForm at just $9.95 for 1st year and then $19.95 per year.

  1. Sticky Password:

Sticky Password is another alternative to LastPass which offers maximum support and protection to your login credentials. With support for over 12 multiple browsers and cross-platform support, Sticky Password is one of the notable password manager. The software provides a single master password that can be used to access all your accounts. Other features include password protection, database auto-lock, auto-filling of forms, credit card security storage and information and synchronization using Wi-Fi connection. Sticky Password provides AES-256 encryption and fingerprint scan saving making it a perfect alternative to LastPass. You can buy the software at just $19.99 per year.

  1. Dashlane:

Another notable LastPass alternative password security and management tool which, in addition to securing your login credentials, also protect your online digital payments. Dashlane holds all of your passwords, usernames and other important information in a secure vault giving you ultimate protection. The software works perfectly across multiple platforms including Windows, iOS, Mac OS X and Android along with different browsers. It is always difficult to fill long repeated forms and Dashlane works for you by auto-filling the forms. You can get the password manager free with limited features but buy the premium one in $39.99 per year with increased functionality.

  1. KeePass:

KeePass is an open source password management solution and a great alternative to LastPass. The software is supported on major platforms including Windows, Android, Mac OS X, Linux, Blackberry, iOS, etc. and a variety of web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, etc. The major quality of KeePass is that it is absolutely free. It also generates the password strength reports to keep the users secure. It also manages the auto-filling of data and forms easily. Its password generator keeps your accounts protected and safe. Other features include multi-language support, SHA-256 One-way secure Hash encryption algorithm, password groups, importing and exporting data, database encryption, auto-filling of forms, password generator etc. free of cost.

  1. 1Password:

One of the biggest and most amazing competitors of LastPass is the 1Password. The manufacturers of 1Password, AgileBits are celebrating the Cybersecurity Awareness month by offering amazing discounts of up to 40% on their multiple platforms application. If you are looking for a perfect password management that works best to keep you secure and supports multiple platforms and web browsers then 1Password is your perfect choice. 1Password requires a master password to keep your other information and password safe, then you are directed towards the extension page which will allow you to download extensions for different web browsers. Accessing information of all the accounts has never been so easier before as it is with 1Password. The most noticeable feature of 1Password is the “Security Audit” which searches out the weak password of all you accounts so that they can be eliminated. You can buy 1Password at $41 for Mac & Windows, Free Android and iOS mobile apps and $29.99 for individual license.


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