Top 10 Best Alternatives To Paypal For Online Payments

PayPal is one of the biggest and most popular ways of transferring money online. It is one of the easiest ways to transfer money online and all you need to have is valid PayPal account. However, high fees and frequent money stuck in the system deter the users to use it. There are many other alternatives to the PayPal and here are the Top 10 PayPal alternatives for transferring money online.


  1. Square


It is one of the popular methods of transferring money online. It comes with a card reader that ia compatible with all major Mobile OS. It also supports the Visa, Master Card and others for transaction. It charges 2.75% of total money transferred. However, it is only available in US and Canada.


  1. Amazon Payment


This is the web pay option from the Amazon. It is one of the most preferred ways of transferring money online. You can also do shopping from Amazon directly as it is integrated. There is no charge for the users but it charges 2.90% from the merchants. However, discounts are always on the cards with Amazon.


  1. Selz


It is not supported in all countries but never the less is an effective way of transferring money online. It is perfect for the seasoned bloggers who sell stuffs online. You can have plug-in for Selz and directly send or receive money. The charges are 5% for the money transfer.


  1. We Pay


This is another API design method for transferring money online. You can always use this for transferring but little technical knowledge is required for it. It is available for the US customers and charges 2.90% for transaction.


  1. 2Checkout


As of now it does not support transfer money between the users but is an effective way for selling online. It supports all major transaction cards and charges 2.90%.


  1. Dwolla


It is one of the easiest ways for transferring money online. It should help you to transfer money to anyone in the internet. The charges are very less with 0.25% but takes time to transfer to your bank. It cannot be linked to credit or debit cards.


  1. Stripe


It can be set up very easily and also can be used to transfer money online. The facility is however not supported by all countries and is known for the easy acceptance. It charges 2.90% for transaction.


  1. Payoneer


This is one of the best methods for transferring from any part of the globe. You can have multiple options for transactions such as local bank transfer, Payoneer loaded credit cards and even global payment methods. The charges are dependent on the country of the customer.


  1. Skrill


It is one of the most popular and best methods to send and receive money online. You can always use the Skrill to send money to an email id associated with the tool. Supported by more than 40 currencies, it charges only 1% for transaction.


  1. Google Wallet


Even though it is limited to US as of now but it has all the potential to be the number one. It is free of cost and money can be send and receive online. Highly secured and effective online transfer process of Google is supported by various cards.


These are most effective and best alternatives to PayPal.


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