Top 10 Best PC Game Controllers

Hardcore gamers would mostly prefer a computer setup over consoles for better gaming. Even though consoles provide some sort of convenience, that’s not really the hardcore gamers’ thing. However, even on computers the true gaming feelings could be achieved using a suitable game controller or joystick. The hardware configuration of computers might be the best for latest and greatest games but the keyboard isn’t certainly the best tool for the same. To meet every gamer’s needs, we have compiled brief reviews of 10 popular game controllers for PC.


  1. Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for PC

Hardcore gamers know how superior the Xbox 360 controller feels in hands. Not just the ergonomics but in terms of features, the Xbox 360 game controller for PC is very rich and comfortable to hold and operate. Features on the PC controller is mostly similar to the PC controller – the swift design, vibration feedback from the game actions, proper placement of shoulder buttons and triggers; everything’s as perfect as it should be. Price – $29.99.


  1. Logitech Gamepad F310

Logitech has been manufacturing gaming accessories for computer for a pretty long time. Logitech is one reliable brand to find the finest computer gaming peripherals suitable with most systems. This Gamepad F310 model is almost as feature rich as the signature DualShock controllers introduced by Sony for PlayStation. There are 10 programmable buttons on the Gamepad F310 and an 8-way D-pad which is programmable too. Price – Rs. $15.49.


  1. Microsoft Xbox One Controller

In the current market, Microsoft Xbox One game controller for PC is one of the bests. The controller has taken all the best parts from the Xbox 360 controller and gotten rid of everything that wasn’t up to the standard with Xbox 360. This Xbox One controller has an identical feature list to the Xbox 360 controller, but with many improvements. Price – $54.56.


  1. Logitech Gamepad F710

An improved version of Gamepad with all modern features required by the hardcore gamers and enthusiasts. The vibration feedback, positioning of all the triggers and shoulder buttons, the D-pad etc. everything feels appropriate, and the programmability offers an added level of flexibility. Price – $44.99.


  1. NYKO Technologies 80650 Airflow Ex

Even though the look on this NYKO gaming controller isn’t much premium like the Xbox or Logitech ones, yet there’s a winning feature built into this controller – an internal cooling fan. No matter how intense the gaming session is, a hot and moist gamepad will never be your distraction while gaming. The reprogrammable buttons offer flexible gameplay on both newer and older games. Price – $50.

  1. Sabrent

This game controller is almost very basic – there aren’t much advanced features like plenty of programmable buttons or a built-in cooling fan. But what it has is 12 buttons which still feels good to have and they are programmable. There’s no wireless option for Sabrent, the connectivity is USB 2.0 which is still decent. Price – $9.99.


  1. Gtron Retro

The old school SEGA game consoles from the past had a signature style of controllers – maybe some of you gamers still miss those SNES styled gamed. To reminiscent people of their memorable past, Gtron Retro gamepad has been introduced. Even though it’s styled like a very old gamepad, it still supports all modern platforms on Windows and MAC OS. Price – $9.99.


  1. Thrustmaster GPX Controller

Thrustmaster might be mistaken for the Xbox 360 controller because they practically look the same – but the company has obtained valid license for producing such gamepads hence it’s authentic. The design feels solid and comfortable in hand, the buttons are placed nicely and the vibration feedback is very precise. Overall, the gaming performance would feel incredible. Price – $29.85.


  1. 8Bitdo SFC30 Classic NES Controller

This 8Bitdo game controller is retro, yet wireless at the same time. The wireless radio underneath is Bluetooth and the supporting platforms are Windows, MAC, Android and iOS. Hence, the gaming enthusiasts might buy this one device and use across every gaming device they have. However, it’s an old school controller designed in the SNES style and might not be suitable for every intense gaming session. Price – $34.94.


  1. Logitech G27 Racing Wheel

A steering wheel is something every hardcore racing gamer would need. Sure, keyboards can play racing games just as fine but to get the real adrenaline rush – there’s no better alternative than a steering wheel and three pedals, and a gear shifter as well. Logitech G27 is a combination of all these three. There are two motors inside the wheel for precise and accurate feedback, and weight shift feature makes the gamer feel like driving a real car. Price – $239.99.



These game controllers belong to different category; and they are all superior performing devices.


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