10 Best Personal Money Management Apps

Spending money is just normal in order for you to survive in this world. You need to spend for your basic needs like food and clothes. You also need money in order to buy those things you want, of course. Nevertheless, it is very important to have a detailed budget plan that you should strictly followed, so that you will not end up nothing in hand. Remember that you need to save more money for future possible expenses. In relation to this, here are 10 best budgeting and personal money finance iOS and Android apps that can help you a lot:


  1. BudgetBakers Wallet – Tracking all of your expenses, handling your budget, and making yourself fully updated about your financial status can all be done easily through this particular application. What made it the best is the fact that it can be used through mobile devices and computers. In fact, financial records can be synchronized to your computer from your mobile device, and vice versa.


  1. Spendbook – This budgeting and expense tracking application is a very user-friendly one. It also has an elegant design that people will surely love. With just a single touch on your smartphone, you can already add some details regarding your new expense transactions or new income. Photos can even be added if you want to, for documentation purposes. These could be photos of the item receipts or the items themselves.


  1. Home Budget with Sync – It is a solid expense management and budgeting application, built with a Family Sharing feature. Setting a budget here can be done without any sweat. Syncing the income and expense statement to multiple devices can even be possible. Through charts, itemized list of products bought, and infographics, your spending habits can surely be revealed.


  1. Wally – In order to take full control of your finances, this budgeting and expense-related application can show all the details of your income statement as well as the expenses you have made. With this app, you can easily set a spending budget from the amount of money you are regularly gaining. It has amazing unique features such as social and location tools regarding your own expenses.


  1. Level Money – This is definitely one of the best budgeting applications that you can ever find on the web. Its interface is very user-friendly, and you can take advantage of it for free. What is best about it is it can be synchronized to your bank and credit card statement. In this way, you will be able to know how much amount of money you should spend every single day. It even has the capability to make some estimations on your income.


  1. BUDGT – This is a lightweight budgeting application with a very neat visual design, so there is no way you won’t love using it. Expense tracking and fast budgeting are the main areas of concentrations of BUDGT. Colorful expense charts can be provided by this app, making it easy for you to understand the flow of your money. Inputting the details of your cash flow can even be done easily through the app’s pie charts, bold fonts, and clean screens.


  1. Spendee – Easily navigable UI is the main reason why it is loved by many. It simply means that logging the details of your income and expenses in this budgeting application is never a challenge. You will also love the brightly colored texts and designs in Spendee; not to mention the fact that it makes use of a flat interface design. Snapping bill and receipt photos option is available in this app, and this is helpful for easy storage.


  1. Mint.com Personal Finance – What made this application better than the others is the fact that it can inform you about your current financial status, apart from tracking your income and expenses. This is made possible by syncing the details of your bank accounts and credit cards. In case you want to have a features-packed application, then this is the finest option you can ever have.


  1. Expensify – Coming up with easy to understand expense reports would be possible with Expensify. It will help in photologging receipts and tracking your expenses in a manual manner. It even supports importing of purchase information from your very own credit cards, so that you can have IRS validated eReceipts. Smart Scan is one of its amazing features. It allows people to take some photos of the receipts, and let the computer read them.


  1. Concur – Before you can take advantage of this excellent budgeting and expense-related app, you still need to sign up for an account in Concur Technologies. Keeping track and recording your expenses can be done easily through it. You don’t have to deal with difficult moments at night in making expense reports from a business related travel since this application will help you a lot.


These are the 10 best budgeting and personal money finance iOS and Android apps you can use in budgeting your money. You can never go overboard regarding your expenses because of the assistance of these apps.


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