Top 10 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Worth Buying

Music is charm and stress busters for many. It is an entertainment but lots can be dependent upon the way you are listening to it. There are speakers for music but all speakers cannot be good for every situation. People look for a speaker that can have versatile purposes and at the same time it is portable as well. In such cases, there are many Bluetooth Speakers that are portable and as well as high in quality. You can get wide range of such speakers in India that too in various ranges.

However, all depends upon the budget you have. If you are looking for a budget of INR 5000 ( $75 ), then here are the best 10 choices of portable speakers you have.


  1. Amkette Trubeats Metal


This is one of the most versatile and effective Bluetooth speaker. It may be small in size but it has real good audio quality. The cylindrical shaped speakers have close to 5 Hours battery life and are priced at INR 2149. It can effective for any purpose with the decent bass and sound.


  1. JBL Micro Wireless


The Micro Wireless from JBL can be very effective and handy. It is extremely portable and can be carried anywhere. The sound quality of the speaker is also very decent with 3W output. It works on the 150 to 20000 Hz frequency range. However, the best part of the speaker is the specialized hook. It helps the speaker to hang anywhere you want. It has a charger indicator as well of LED. It gives a battery backup for 5 Hours and is priced at INR 2299.


  1. Philips SBT 30


The portable speaker can be carried along anywhere you want. The Philips Bluetooth Speaker is designed as the hand grenade but gives sweet and smoothing sound. As far as the bass is concerned, it betters many others. It has a built in mic that can be very useful for the handling calls on the go as well. It has 2W output and works on the frequency range of 60 to 20000 Hz. The battery backup for the speaker is 8 hours. It is priced at INR 2525.


  1. JBL Clip


This is one of the powerful portable speakers in the market. It comes with a Clip and that helps you to even wear the speaker. You can use it for multiple purposes and it has 3.5 mm cable as well. This makes it a speaker that can be used for both wireless and cabled speaker. It has an output of 3.2W with a frequency range of 160-20KHz. The battery backup for the speaker is 5 Hours and it is priced at INR 2849.


  1. Creative D100


This is slightly bigger in size but is still portable enough. The smoothing and sweet audio quality of the speaker is the highlight for the speaker. It has an Auxiliary port as well for direct streaming of music. It is based on 2W output and frequency range of 20Hz to 20KHz. The batter backup is on very higher side and has 25 hours battery. It is priced at INR 3408.


  1. Jabra Solemate Mini


This is attractive in design and effective in use. The dust and splash resistant portable Bluetooth Speakers can be carried anywhere and can be used for any purpose. It comes with both 3.5 mm Cable and Auxilliary port along with the wireless option. The powerful sound is the best part of the Bluetooth Speaker and it is priced at INR 3999.


  1. Creative Muvo Mini


The Bluetooth speaker is one of the strongest speakers that can be very handy. The biggest advantage of the speaker is that it is water resistant. It has mic port as well for hand free call. The 16W output and the high frequency range of 2402Hz to 2480 KHz are the biggest asset of the speaker. You can use it for riverside or poolside party as well. It has battery backup of 10 hours and is priced at INR 4037.


  1. JBL Flip


JBL has another portable Bluetooth Speaker that is only powerful in sound but also appealing in design. The Flip has 10W output with in-built mic that can help you to take calls as well. However, the battery backup is close to 5 hours where the speaker is priced at INR 4399.


  1. Logitech X300


The superb sound quality and the easy portability make it one of the most popular choices among the Bluetooth Speakers. It is based on the 10W output speaker with 150Hz to 20 KHz frequency range. The battery backup of the Bluetooth Speaker is 10 hours. The beautifully designed speaker is priced at INR 4500.


  1. Logitech Mini Ultimate Ears Boombox

Logitech is considered one of the best and the 10W output Bluetooth speaker proves it yet again. The portable and beautiful speakers can work on the frequency range of 130 Hz to 20 kHz. The battery backup of the speaker is almost 10 hours and it is priced at INR 4984.


These Bluetooth Speakers are very useful and popular in the market.


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