Top 10 Best Private Sector Banks in India

Banks play a very important role in the economy of the country no matter what. They are the most important part of a country when it comes to development of a country. A developed financial system that is a bank is integral parts in making the country flourish in the world. The modern bank provides the valuable services to the economy of the country.

Bank in the country promotes that habit of saving money among the people with the capital formation and promotion of industries. It also promotes the employment and agricultural development in the country. So Banks are of great importance in the development of any country.

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So is the case with India, Private sector in India is the most regulated and preferable sector where people love to store their money and get benefits and profits in return. So here is the list of top 10 most famous and best private sector banks in India that stood for the year of 2015:


10. Bandhan Bank:

Bandhan Bank is one of the top private banks in India that wins the heart of millions of Indian with their quality services. The bank is Indian Financial Company with its headquarters located in the city of Kolkata in West Bengal. The bank is one of the newest private banks in India with the foundation on 23rd August 2015. It is the bank which has got standard reputation in no time by winning the millions of hearts through its valuable services.

9. J&K Bank:

J & K stands for Jammu and Kashmir Bank is another best private bank of India that was founded in the year of 1938 by the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir. The bank has the continuous records of profits since its establishment that is why it is still in the list of top 10 best private banks in India.

8. IndusInd Bank:

it is the Indian new generation bank that focuses on the complete and modern new generation for the development of financially strong India. The bank was established in the year of 1994 and the name of the bank is the suggestion of the Indus Valley Civilization. The bank is best renowned for retail banking.

7. Karur Vysya Bank:

the bank from the South India, Tamil Nadu, is one of the famous and reputed banks in the private sector of India. TheKarur Vysya Bank was set up in the year of 1916 and is famous all across the India with almost 550 branches in 18 states of India. The bank offers some very outstanding features and products for its customers that are why it is well known among the Indian people.

6. Federal Bank:

The one of the major Indian Commercial bank of the private sector, Federal Bank is standing among the list of top private banks of India for the year of 2015. The headquarters of the bank is located in the city of Kochi at Kerala. The Federal Bank has over thousand branches in almost 24 states of India. The bank offers outstanding loans and saving products for the customers thus making it the 6th top private bank in India.

5. Yes Bank:

the fifth largest private sector bank in India, the Yes Bank was established in the year of 2004 by Rana Kapoor. The headquarters of the bank are located in the heart city of India, Mumbai. The bank offers numerous excellent products for the convenience of the customers that is the only reason of its popularity.

4. Kotak Mahindra Bank:

Kotak Mahindra Bank is the fourth largest private sector bank in India. The bank is also headquartered in the city of Mumbai. The company was founded in the year of 1895 and in 2003, it got license as a legal bank. The bank is known well for its NRI banking, wholesale banking, insurance and many other valuable services.

3. Axis Bank:

the Axis Bank or formally UTI Bank is the third largest private sector in Indian Banks. The bank has got numerous awards due to its outstanding and excellent services provided to its customers for better present and improved future. The bank was founded in the year of 1991 as UTI bank but steadily it was converted into Axis Bank. With the registered office in Ahmedabad, the bank offers financial services to its customers with co-operate banking, insurance and finance, credit cards, mortgage loans and many others.

2. ICICI Bank:

the Indian multinational private sector bank with the headquarters located in Gujarat. For the year of 2015, the ICICI Bank is stood second largest bank with the 2nd highest capitalization in market and assets. The bank was founded in 1994 and is famous for its unbeatable services like NRI Banking, Credit Cards, Insurance and loans etc.

1. HDFC Bank:

standing on top is the HDFC bank that is the most famous financial banking services in India with the headquarters located in the metro city of Mumbai. The RBI approved bank is proud of its valuable services like FOREX services, loans, Premium banking and also the private banking.


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