10 Best Rainmeter Skins and Themes Free Download

Rainmeter is actually a desktop customization tool that will help everyone in making their desktop screens beautiful through the various skins made available in the tool. This is also helpful in making you more productive with your desktop. It is because you can permanently display some stuffs right there on the screen, making you to have a constant eye on them. Some of these stuffs are the PC system health of the monitor, the news, your notes, and the outside weather. That is how helpful the Rainmeter is. In relation to this, here are the 10 best Rainmeter skins that you can use nowadays.


  1. My Rainmeter Desktop – Without a doubt, My Rainmeter Desktop is one Rainmeter skin that you will love using. It comes with a specialized space war wall paper, which was created by Alexxrafael. This Rainmeter skin has a lot of features such as Circle System Resources, Circle Clock, DarkMinimal 1024 Toolbar, Circle HDD, Siberian HDD, Circle Network, Power Toy, Circle System Resources, and Enigma Twitter Reader.


  1. Windows 9 Single Mark 4 – This Rainmeter skin is mainly based on the concept of Windows, making it perfect looking for those Windows-run desktops. The designer and developer is none other than Ashish Saini, and it is officially distributed by the GK Industries. The excellence of this Rainmeter skin can be confirmed by the thousands of people worldwide who are downloading this skin.


  1. Honeycomb – This is the perfect Rainmeter skin you should use if you want your favorite applications to be put at the front and center of your desktop screen. You can put whatever apps you want, and you can even swap them with some other apps the moment they become less important and outdated. Setting up this Rainmeter skin will never take you so long.


  1. Darkness Fall – Also included in the 10 best Rainmeter skins is the Darkness Fall. A lot of people are making use of this Rainmeter skin because of the gorgeousness and elegance it can offer towards your desktop screens. Launching your most preferred applications can be possible through this skin. You can also have a constant view of the local time if you use it. Not only that, Darkness Fall Rainmeter skin can also give you the chance to have a full control of your Multimedia player.


  1. Space – When it comes to excellent Rainmeter skin, Space can never be ranked at the bottom place of course. One best thing about this skin is the fact that you can have a number of options when it comes to color. In this way, you can surely customize your desktop screen according to the beautiful color you want. With this skin, there will only be minimal RAM usage that you can expect. Some other features it can offer are 8 new skins, easy setup, and three excellent audio visualizers.


  1. Horde – If you want to have darker wall paper, then you must try the Horde Rainmeter skin. This dark wall paper was created and developed by Horder. It has Kingdom Hearts Memorized Clock, HUD.Vision CPU, HUD.Vision Date Vision, HUD.Vision CPU Temperature, Enigma Twitter Reader, and Enigma Taskbar. Some other amazing features of this skin are Circle System Resources, Enigma RSS Reader, Power Toy, Enigma Network Address, Enigma Network Line, and Enigma Calendar.


  1. Switchin – With its white bar, this Rainmeter skin is considered to be a very stylish one. Using this skin, you can have easy access on Google search engine, file folders, and even your favorite applications. It will certainly help you in weather monitoring, without spending so much effort. It even comes with a one-click clock feature.


  1. Ekar Lina – This excellent Rainmeter skin is very gorgeous to look at because of the different colors of its wall paper that is accented by some other colors. It has black that is accented with green, and it even has white accented with blue. The features you can expect here are Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, favourite launcher, drive, media players, folder count, date, and time.


  1. MoonGlow – This is one of the newest Rainmeter skins that can be used nowadays. However, its newness does not stop it from giving great satisfaction to its users. The system temperature of your desktop can be measured through this skin. This can display your Gmail messages, SWAP, RAM, and the CPU usage percentage.


  1. Before Dawn RM Bar – If you want a Rainmeter skin that has a very neat banner, then Before Dawn RM Bar is the one that you are looking for. Its neat banner displays basic and important information on the system resources. It even displays the current weather condition as well as time and date. Quick access on applications and sites is even made possible through this skin.


These are the 10 best Rainmeter skins that you can use. Without a doubt, these skins can make your desktop’s screen beautiful and more functional.


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