Top 10 Best Screen Recording Tools For Mac

Recording screen actions is made possible with the aid of free screen recorder software available for desktops that are run by different operating systems. If you have Mac, then there are absolutely free screen recorder apps that fit well on it. Here are 10 best screen recorders for Mac that you should consider using:


  1. Camtasia 2 – This screen recorder for Mac may not be acquired for free, but this is definitely worth-investing. You can have a comprehensive recording of your Mac screen with the used of Camtasia 2. The studio-like layout that is accompanied with layered timeline allows you to mix and edit recorded videos and audios easily.


  1. ScreenFlow – Professional-level video editing and screen recording can be provided by ScreenFlow. However, you need to know that it comes with corresponding payment when you want to take advantage of this screen recorder. It has less complicated interface compared to others, making it a great choice for Mac users.


  1. Snapz Pro X – Its extremely straightforward interface is one of the major advantages of Snapz Pro X. It’s actually developed in order to help those Mac users in making video tutorials. It has all the features related to the specific task you need to do. In other words, it’s not packed with not-so-necessary features.


  1. Snagit – This is another screen recorder that Camtasia 2 maker developed. If you don’t need a professional-level screen recording, then Snagit would be the perfect choice. Screen capture annotation is the main focus of Snagit. Importing mobile images and videos through Fuse is made possible through it. It even allows you to have extensive sharing options.


  1. Screencast-o-Matic – It’s an online screencasting tool that is used by many Mac users today. It’s considered to be the most unique and interesting screen recorder available. But before you can be able to use it, it is important to install a “launcher” first. It’s available for free and paid version.


  1. VLC – You might be thinking that VLC is just a video player. It actually is, but little did you know that it can also be used as screen capture tool. This is perfect for you to use if you don’t need a fancy screen recorder. It allows you to choose what frame rate you’re going to use and what audio input device.


  1. QuickTime – Mac is pre-built with QuickTime Player, and this can also be used as screen recorder. It can help you in recording microphone audio. What is best about it is that you don’t need to spend any amount from your pocket just to use it and there’s no need for installation.


  1. QuickCast – For quick, short screen recording, QuickCast is the perfect tool to use for Mac users. The maximum time for screen recording using it is 5 minutes. In just one click of your mouse, this screen recorder is ready to use since it is a menu bar app.


  1. Monosnap – Another not-that-fancy screen recording app for Mac users that is also a menu bar app is the Monosnap. It can record Mac screens in 60 fps, making you to have an ultra-smooth playback of the video or audio you have recorded.
  2. OBS – This is a very powerful screen recorder app for Mac, even though it is offered for free. Not only that, OBS or Open Broadcaster Software is also packed with so much cool features. It allows you to edit the recorded video or audio of your Mac screen. Moreover, it’s capable enough in capturing numerous presets like specific window and full screen.


These are the 10 best screen recorders for Mac that you can consider. Without a doubt, these apps are of great usage.


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