Top 10 Best Search Engines In The World

Are you fond of using the internet? Do you love browsing it if you are bored or during break times? If that is so, then it will be shocking enough if you do not have any idea about search engines. What is the search engine you are constantly using? Well, so much for that. Here are the ( Google Alternatives ) 10 finest web search engines that you should know:


  1. – It is actually a similar one to in which you will be provided with answers from your questions. The answers are correct and direct to the point, so this search engine is really something that is worth-using. There are also some quizzes in this search engine.


  1. WayBackMachine – This is an internet archive-based search engine. In other words, you can make sure of this search engine if you want to know the history of a particular domain. You can definitely see the improvements of every domain throughout the years.


  1. DuckDuckGo – There are so much things to enjoy in this search engine. It will only give you a single page search result. Even so, the things contained in this one page are absolutely the best possible ones that you are looking for. It is also not loaded with so much advertisements that will pop up on your screen.


  1. Wolframalpha – This search engine is quite different to others. It is because it is more on helping you in your computation tasks just like computing the amount you need to pay for your mortgage. In fact, it is called the Computational Knowledge Engine.


  1. – If you want a spam-free search engine, then is the one that you are looking for. The creators of this search engines are former employees of Google. It is very advantageous for webmasters and those people who are into SEO’s.


  1. – This old-time search engine is still making it to the virtual world. Its network is filled with a number of famous websites just like,, and Its market share is believed to be in 0.6%.


  1. – In the entire search share, 3% goes to This search engine is originally called as Ask Jeeves. This search engine is popular in giving answers to the netizens’ questions. The answers given however, are from some other netizens or from the polls conducted.


  1. Yahoo – This is the third most popular and widely used search engine in the virtual world. It is even the most popular one when it comes to emailing. This search engine is actually powered by Bing since the year 2011.


  1. Bing – Bing is the 2nd finest searching engine in the virtual world today. This search engine is created by Microsoft in order to defeat Google when it comes to searches. Even so, the attempt of defeating Google is a failure. People are not convinced that it is better than Google.


  1. Google

    Who would not know about Google? This is the number search engine today, and no one will ever protest on this fact for sure. In terms of search share, Google has 69.5% while Bing only has 25%. Do you see the big difference from the two? This is according to the comscore report conducted on October 2012. For mobile/tablet search engine, the market share of Google is around 89%.


These are the 10 finest search engines in the online world today. For sure, you don’t know some of them.


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