10 Best Skitch Alternatives For Android And Windows

Last January 22, 2016, Evernote has officially removed some of the standalone apps it developed like Skitch, Clearly extensions, and Pebble. Many people are very sad upon the removal of Skitch. This particular application has been helping those people in presenting their ideas in a clearer and advanced way. It’s even extremely useful in editing notes.


The good news is, people can now take advantage of the functionality of Skitch app again through the available alternatives. Yes, there are some alternatives for it capable enough in giving the best Skitch experience you are looking for, just like before. These Skitch alternatives are only suitable for Windows and Androids. Here are 10 of them:


  1. PicPick – Many Windows users consider PicPick as the finest Skitch alternative they have ever used. It has a lot of editing features as well as screenshot-taking options. It’s available for paid and free users. However, its free version is more on personal use. For commercial uses, it’s best to go for paid version.


  1. Greenshot – It can be used in taking screenshots and editing them on your desired design for presentation purposes. The truth is, it’s not like Skitch in terms of appearance and artistry, but all of its amazing features can be found on Skitch. It even has the tools available on Skitch, except for the stamp tool. Windows users can never go wrong with it.


  1. Jing – Another alternative that Windows users can use is the Jing application. It’s a free-of-charge screen capture application developed by TechSmith. But before you can use it, you still need to have a registration on TechSmith website. The company’s servers are where you can save the screenshots, which you can share anywhere you want to.


  1. ScreenPresso – In terms of various amazing features for screen capture application, ScreenPresso will never be ranked on the bottom part. In case you’re preparing for a presentation that incorporates screenshots or pictures, then it is the perfect app to use. It will even help in capturing videos that are of HD quality.


  1. LightShot – Windows operating systems also support the free, lightweight application for screenshots called LightShot. You can do the editing while taking another screenshot with this app. It’s very handy, and allows you to edit screenshots in no time.


  1. Screenshot Ultimate – Amazing reliable editing options from Screenshot Ultimate are loved by many Android users. There are 16 ways on how you can do the screenshots-taking from this application. Some good examples are webserver, power connect/disconnect, camera button, widget, voice, and shake.


  1. Ashampoo Snap – Such screenshot app for Android users is packed with several amazing features. It’s available for free and paid version. If you want to gain access for some more useful features and tools such as resize and blur, then going for paid version is a good idea. It’s a user-friendly Skitch alternative.


  1. Nimbus Clipper – This app for Android users is known to have unlimited features. Every tool available can be utilized for your own benefit. You can crop, text, annotate, and draw as long as you want to. A tool for PDF annotation is even available in this screenshot app.


  1. Screenshot Capture – If customizing your pictures by applying some filters is what you like, then the Screenshot Capture is the one that you need. After customizing the photos, you can then share them to your friends. You can be able to set the opacity, blur level, and brush size here.


  1. Easy Screenshot – This is the perfect Skitch alternative for Android users who only need no-frills, basic screenshot app. It’s a free app, so you don’t need to spend some of your hard-earned money. Yes, it only has limited features, but its level of usefulness is extremely high.


These are the 10 best Skitch alternatives for windows and androids. These apps will never fail you.


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