Top 10 Best Skype Bots You Should Try

The larger portion of the present internet using people around the world uses Skype as the advanced medium to connect with family and friends sitting in another corner of the world without axing heavy ISD tariffs. Skype Bots are the advanced internet based robotics offering searching for the news, summarize the available web page, play different available games option and many other top rated features. If you are feeling alone with no stuff to do over the internet, you can just start chatting with the bot just like friends and start typing.

After reading the features of the Bots available as Skype Bots, here we will discuss the top available certified Skype defined Bots available to be added for more fun.

10. Foursquare Bot
If you want to equip with all the fun near you and the location you want to go for partying mood, just ping the Foursquare to the location near you and it will filter the available set of happening things around you as a list, timing, and fees. Just put in the information about the things you are looking for and the location, Foursquare will automatically do the stuff for you.

09. Movie Night Bot
You don’t need any specific ticket booking app with Movie Night, as the name suggest the Bot will heal the needs of movie freaks as it will update you about the latest shows movies and the costs under one roof. Choose the movie option in order to end your day well after a hectic schedule.

08. FreeBusy
The hectic daily life equipped with series of important schedules for the day needed to be formed with certain care and management. FreeBusy helps to schedule different available daily activities that help in scheduling the day to day plans are an absolute necessary as part of daily activities.

07. Summarize
Generally, on web pages there are series of information written in fancy words that needed to be summed up in few easy lines. If you are a great informant, the summarize bot will surely help you to get the nutshell of the information with few consolidated words.

06. Cardea
What it feels like when I say the smart gadget you use is your new doctor that will surely help you to get correct medical assistance will surely act as a boon. The App requires adding information or the Keyword as the ailment and you will be provided with the detailed information of the information.

05. Memebot
Memes are a new way to crack jokes, you are good at humor and want to create the perfect memes to laugh out and share. Don’t bother just give the matter and the Bot will handsomely design the memes. The desired memes will be created in seconds with no editing or needed settings.

04. Six Game on NFL Bot
You love the NFL league and the information related to the players and their life, the bot will surely help you to get all the needed information about the game and the exciting events. Just enter the name of the player or the team you support, the bot will take care of the information with important measures to take a sneak peak in the team.

03. Hipmunk
The third spot in the list is specially reserved for the travelers, people want to just pack the bag and roam around the exotic locations on earth need to mention the list of desired holiday dreams and the search engine will be based on the information shared. Hipmunk will gather the information around the earth and will work pretty fast with information based working.

02. Azure bot
Azure bot is the App for the programmers and people with the technical field will surely know about Microsoft Azure. Various kinds of apps and games can be managed with the app with the advanced level of cloud performance as the search engine and have the ability to talk in the language you desire. The Azurebot offers many of the new features as some of the top rated features of the app include start, stop and also helps to list various VMs on the Azure app.

01 Skyscanner
Skyscanner is the top available service available as the bot that helps you to find the best available cheap flight rates, find an alternate route to a destination and also helps to predict the future flight rates. You are a born traveler with job requires you to keep a tab on the pricing of flights between places, in such cases, Skyscanner is the best available option. Just say the name of the place you want to travel and there will be options available.


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