10 Best Solar Panel Manufacturers in India

The prices of electricity is increasing day by day. Obviously due to such high rates, not every person can afford it. That is the main reason that solar panels are getting increasingly popular these days. They do not only provide consistent source of energy but they are also quite cheaper as compared to electricity.

Solar panel is the device that converts light energy into electrical energy. The name solar panel is given to them because the general source of light energy for them is the sun which is known as sol is the astronomers’ language. Solar panels absorbs sun light and transform it into electrical energy that can be used for domestic as well as commercial purposes.

There are many companies in India today that are manufacturing solar panels and are promoting its use because it only requires the initial set up cost but only a few of those companies can be considered as the top best solar panel manufacturers in India.

Here is the list of top 10 best solar panel manufacturers in India:

Emmvee Solar:Emmvee Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1992 by Mr. D.V. Manjunatha at Bengaluru, India. The company is known for producing high quality solar panels. They also have the ability to manufacture tray collectors according to the international standards. Moreover, this company is also the largest manufacturer of solar water heating systems.

Kotak Urja:This Companywas established in 1997 having headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Kotak Urja Pvt. Ltd. produces solar energy technologies for commercial as well as domestic purposes. The main manufacturing forte of this company is solar thermal and solar photovoltaics. They also produce affordable solar technologies for home as well including home lighting system, street lighting, solar lanterns, etc.

NEPC India Ltd.: NEPC India Ltd. is a popular company when it comes to manufacturing solar panels. This company has been around since 1984 having its corporate office in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This company manufactures photovoltaic solar panels and batteries. It offers solar systems for ground mount, flat roof and other similar applications.

Central Electronics Ltd.: Central Electronics Ltd. is some of the oldest electronics companies in India and was established in 1974. The company have its corporate office in New Delhi but provides solar panels and solar technologies all over the country. This company is the largest manufacturer of solar photovoltaic cells, systems and modules in India. The company is certified by TUV Rhineland, Germany.

Microsol Power P Ltd.: The Company made to the number 6 of our list of top 10 best solar panel manufacturers in India because of its remarkable solar modules and cell systems. The company was established in 2000 having its headquarters in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

Moser Bair Photovoltaic Ltd.: It is also another popular solar panel manufacturing company working in New Delhi which came into being in 1983. The company have a total capacity of 250MW split technology. The products from this company meet all the international standards including CE, FSEC, UL, JET, IEC, JIS, etc. The company have over 25 years of experience in this filed and have 7000 employees working efficiently.

XL Energy Limited:XL Energy Limited was previously known as the XL Telecom & Energy Limited and was established as a private company in 1985 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and got public limited company in 1990. The company got its prominent position among the top 500 Indian manufacturing companies because of its amazing solar photovoltaic systems and modules.

HHV Solar Technologies Pvt. Ltd.: This company has made to the number 3 spot on our list of top 10 best solar panel manufacturers in India because it produces most advanced, world class technological solar photovoltaic (SPV) modules in India. Its corporate office is situated in Bangalore, India. The crystalline silicone PV modules of HHV Solar Technologies are of highest quality.

Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. – Electronics Division:The second best solar panel manufacturing company in India was established in 1964 having its corporate office in Bangalore, Karnataka. This company is the best power plant equipment manufacturer and having years of experience in designing and servicing of products, testing, engineering, and construction and manufacturing of the products related to defense and power.

Tata BP Solar India Pvt. Ltd.: The best of all solar panel manufacturing company in India is the Tata BP Solar India private limited which was established in 1989 having its corporate office in Bangalore, Karnataka. This company is the largest in India having more than 600 employees having 9 regional offices and 4 units of manufacturing photovoltaic and solar panels. The solar technologies manufactured by this company are for both the personal usage in houses or for commercial and industrial usage.


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