Top 5 Best Solar Water Heaters Available In India

Solar water heaters are being used in the world since the older times. It is one of the easiest ways to heat the water by the conversion of the sunlight into the renewable energy. It incorporates the principles of the green living into the everyday life. The use of the Solar Water Heaters has become considerably increased with the passage of time as the people are more conservative about the global warming and the energy resources.

Hot water is something that you need for every purpose ranging from cooking to bathing. So that could be the reason of the popularity of the solar water heaters throughout the world. But in the developing countries, the reason for the popularity of solar water heaters is that they are reliable in use, reduces the utility bills of the houses to some extent, they also reduce the pollution emission and they also promote the energy independence.

Considering the benefits of the Solar Water Heaters in the developing countries, we have piled up the top 5 models of the Solar water Heaters in India. Check them if you are interested in buying them.

  1. Supreme Solar ST Evacuated Tube Collector 100 Liter Solar Heater: it is the domestic all- purpose solar water heater that is the type of evacuated tube collector. It is made up of stainless steel which is capable of heating the water of almost 100 liters with the PUF insulation. It is packed with the glass materials and offers the measurement of almost 300 X 65 X 70. It is available in India with the reliable price of about RS. 14799 only.
  2. Solax Swh200 Solar Water Heater: it is one of the most reliable solar water heaters in India that offers the amazing specifications and features. It is a very good option for availing the sunlight for acquiring hot water for the domestic use without the utilization of gas or electricity. It offers the 4 to 5 Panel Watts. The company Solax uses the unbeatable technology and the materials that give its customers the high quality with the module size of 2 meters. It can be bought from any solar panel markets in India with the price of RS. 32000.
  3. Haier Gv150rnf Solar Water Heater: Haier is another name in the Global market that is famous for its quality products and electronic devices. It also offers the Eco model of the Solar Water Heaters which is made up from the stainless steel with the blue ray coated glass tube that makes efficient heating. This Solar Water heater offers the capacity of 150 liter water with the insulation of Polyurethane foaming that keeps the water hot for maximum period of time. This product comes with the 2 year warranty with the available price of RS. 27018 in India.
  4. Suntek SWH-150E Solar Water Heater: it is the highly suited solar water heater that is used for the domestic use. It is ideal to save the electric bills and is used for the conservation of the environmental energy and it is suitable for the Indian climate. The company offers 1 year warranty with the output temperature of 60 to 80 degrees. It has the capacity of heating the water up to 100 liters at a time with the approximate life of 15 to 20 years. It is available in the price of RS.25000 only in India.
  5. Tata Solar 200 LPD Zing Pressurized water Heater: the best solution for the water heating in India is the Tata Solar 200 LPD Zing Pressurized water Heater that utilizes the technology of solar heating to heat the water and then supply into the whole apartment, hospitals or the office, wherever it is installed. It is the very good option for water heating without the increased electrical or gas bills. This model works when the sun rays falls on the water heater and supplies the hot water up to the temperature of 80 degree Celsius. The water heating tank is made up of the stainless steel and can withstand hard water up to 600 PPM. It is available in India with the economical price just RS.  110,500.

The type, complexity and size of these solar panels may vary but their function is to provide you with the possible hot water so that you may get hot water even without the use and consumption of electricity or some other non- renewable resources.

So using solar systems can be the best idea for the conservation of energy. With the increase in population, the energy resources of man have become limited so it is the responsibility of each and every person to try his best to limit the excess use of energy and make use of the renewable resources.


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